Diveev came out and saved the game. Krylya Sovetov and CSKA ended the game in a draw

On Sunday, CSKA beat Volzhan 4-0 at the VEB Arena. The outcome of the match, played in the cold with a blizzard, was obvious in the first half. When three balls flew into the gates of Ivan Lomaev. The score was opened by Anton Zabolotny, who appeared in the starting lineup for the first time in a long time. As a result, it was his competent judging panel that named him the best player.

Today, Muscovites head coach Vladimir Fedotov again decided to play two forwards. Fedor Chalov acted from deep inside, mostly on the game, not forgetting the goal.

Yet rivals’ helmsmen have made changes to lineups. The visitors were entrusted with the gates to substitute Vladislav Torop, Willian Rocha remained on the bench, Sasha Zdelar replaced the Brazilian in central defense, Konstantin Kuchaev came on the field from the first minutes, sometimes giving way in the support zone.

The hosts have four fresh players, including team captain Soldatenkov, who missed the match in Moscow with a minor injury.

Doubled matches with a gap of three days are often characterized by an abrupt change of scenery. I will give just one example from the history of the CSKA cube. In May 1994, the army team at the bottom of the table in Luzhniki was defeated by Spartak 0:3 in the league, but a few days later they fought the red and white in the Cup final on the same field. The wards of Boris Kopeikin won back two quick goals from the Spartak team and brought the meeting to a penalty shootout, in which they still lost.

Now at stake is reaching the final of the RPL Path, far from the main match for the trophy. And in this confrontation a lot will be decided in the return match at the VEB Arena in early April.

In the first half, the desire to take revenge on the Samara team was not seen. The army team, thanks to the high pressure, did not allow the hosts to quickly exhaust the defense in a counterattack – and this is Ali’s main weapon.

Muscovites controlled the ball well in the penalty area, but with the aggravating last pass, everything was not so rosy. However, twice Lomaev could pull the martyr out of the net. In the 11th minute, Chalov brought Kuchaev to the ball and shook the near post. And in the 29th minute, Victor Mendez cuts a diagonal from the right half flank near the collar of the defenders, where Jesús Medina rushes. But instead of closing the crossbar in touch, the Paraguayan sent the ball along the goal.

The first half passed without a break, so referee Sukhoi didn’t have to add even a minute. And after the break, the guests opened the scoring. And they were helped by striker Dmitry Tsypchenko, who decided to participate in the combination in his own half. It’s hard to say what confused him. But he simply presented the ball to Zabolotny, who immediately forwarded it to Medina. The Paraguayan deftly threw the ball to Lomaev, who stopped in mid position. Silent scene…

Not even three minutes passed because Volzhane recovered. After the corners, especially from the right flank, fire often broke out at the army gates. So today the defenders did not deal with the custody of the rivals and allowed Pisarsky to push the ball into the net from the goalkeeper’s line with his foot. Wings rookie is a real cup killer. He scored in all three matches – twice Dynamo, now CSKA.

Before 10,000 spectators had time to celebrate the return goal, when defender Glenn Bale sent the ball into the goal with scissors from a Fernando Costanza pass. But the VAR (assistant Dmitry Mosyakin) intervened, fixing a tiny offside position in … Pisarsky.

After a boring first half, the hosts easily opened the army team’s defense from the right wing. Fedotov reacted with a substitution: after a long treatment, Igor Diveev came out. And then he “shod” Pisarsky, of course, not intentionally.

While the cup “killer” was being treated, Tsypchenko brilliantly fulfilled his duties, sending the ball into the net from Roman Yezhov’s cross (again from right half). Diveev was not there.

But the Army defender ran into the home side’s box when a corner was conceded. Lomaev did not reach the high ball into the far corner of the goalkeeper’s area. Diveev headbutted into the near corner, where Tsypchenko’s hand was in the path of the ball. But this was only discovered after referee Sukhoi visited the monitor. If you were in his place, referee Eric Fredriksoon, there would be no penalty. Recall that this Swede did not notice the “hand of God number two” Diego Maradona in the 1990 World Cup match against the USSR national team. Then defender Oleg Kuznetsov headed into an empty corner, and the great Argentine hit the ball with his hand.

The penalty was converted by Chalov.

And the trainers began to bring fresh forces into battle.

In the 88th minute Diveev fouled 25 meters from goal. Bale shot over the wall, Torop desperately rushed after the ball, bounced off the crossbar at the goal line and flew onto the field. The owners rushed to the judge. If Tofig Bakhramov had worked on the line, then the goal would have counted, as in the 1966 World Cup final England – West Germany (4:2 OT). Now there is VAR, so no one doubted the referee’s decision – no goals!

As a result, a fair effective draw. A ticket to the final (RPL Way) will be played on April 5 in Moscow.


FONBET Cup of Russia. Semi Final (RPL Path)

“Wings of the Soviets” (Samara) – CSKA – 2:2 (0:0). March 15th. Samara. Solidarity Arena. 10364 spectators

Judge: Alexey Sukhoi. VAR: Vladislav Bezborodov

Goals: 0:1 Medina (46), 1:1 Pisarsky (49), 2:1 Tsypchenko (64), 2:2 Chalov (75, pen)

“Wings of the Soviets”: Lomayev; Rasskazov, Evgeniev, Soldatenkov-k, Bale, Kostanza, Vitiugov (Kovalenko, 88), Yezhov (Ivanisenya, 90+3), Garre (Gorshkov, 83), Tsypchenko (Rakhmanov, 83), Pisarsky (Shitov, 83).

CSKA: Torop; Gayich, Nababkin-k, Zdelar, Moises, Medina (Ermakov, 90), Kuchaev (Diveev, 59), Mendes, Oblyakov, Chalov (Carrascal, 90), Zabolotny.

Warnings: Oblyakov (60), Nababkin (81), Soldatenkov (82), Kovalenko (90+2)


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