discovering Tai-Chi, the balance of strength


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It is an ancestral Chinese practice: Tai-Chi, an art inspired by the movements of the snake and the crane. The martial art has become peaceful and meditative.

It’s an ancient art. Tai-chi is a sport with 100 million followers. He was born in the mountains of Mount Wudang in Eastern China (Hubei Province, China). Exercise of the body and mind, Tai-chi is often practiced outdoors early in the morning. Xuan Xin Zi has set up a school and teaches Tai-chi to his students, which is practiced from 7 to 77 years old.Tai-chi is a slow version of kung-fu“, describes Xuan Xin Zi, master of Tai-Chi.

A quest for longevity

Calmness of mind and fluidity of gesture are achieved in nine movements. From a combat sport, Tai-chi has become a wellness sport.When I practice Tai-chi, I feel calm, I forget my problems“, confides 13-year-old Shi Ruoxi. This sport would also be a quest for longevity. According to legend, its creator lived for 300 years and invented the discipline in the sixth century by observing nature. In a school, children practice three to four hours a day.

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