despite the win against Wales, the Blues finish second


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Big winners from Wales, France’s XV still have to settle for second place in the six-nation tournament, behind Ireland, who achieve the Grand Slam.

Eyes glued to the TV, the Blues were the first fans of England on Saturday 18 March. In the end it was Ireland who won, and this year the Grand Slam will be for the Greens. If France finished second, the Azzurri have made further progress, and thrill those who come to admire them.

Fans delighted by the XV of France

The XV of France exudes a form of insurance, amplified by a tremendous desire to play. Jonathan Danty flattened the second try, the 80,000 crowd only had eyes for the Blues. “[L’équipe] it is alive, it is dynamic on the ground. And it shows what we are really capable of on the new generation”, comments one supporter. The Blues scored five more tries this Saturday and are on 41 points. They have only one defeat in their last 18 games. The World Cup in France in September is on everyone’s mind.

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