Defining moment in Kane’s career: monument or trophies?


The season is still in full swing and the club’s sports directors are already thinking about what actions to take in the near future to strengthen the teams or maintain leadership in a few months. Tottenham sporting director Fabio Paratici is certainly worried about these thoughts, because in 2024 the contract of the main star and best scorer in Spurs history, Harry Kane, expires.

The logic here is simple: in order not to lose a football player for free in a year, you need to re-sign an agreement with him as soon as possible. The club has not yet taken concrete steps, but here a lot is initially based on the will of Kane himself. Turning 30 this summer, he still doesn’t have a team trophy, which in itself is an insult to his incredible goal-scoring talent. This position is held, for example, by Thierry Henry and Ian Wright.

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In the past, Kane more than once or twice had the opportunity to change teams. Thus, Josep Guardiola persistently called the striker to Manchester City for a long time, but Spurs again and again managed to persuade him to extend the contract. Kane believed the project was finally getting off the ground, but he was left with his nose every time. For at least six seasons, he scored 20 goals in the Premier League, but only once was he relatively close to winning gold medals – fortunately, Leicester suddenly shot up in the 2016/17 season. Two years later, the Londoners reached the Champions League final, but again a failure – 0:2 from Liverpool.

It seems like it’s time to admit the team is doomed and leave it, but Kane to this day expresses no clear desire for a change of scenery. After all, it is here in North London that a monument to him can be erected at the central gate, and not anywhere else.

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It also makes no sense for Spurs to look for good from good. Yes, in the summer they will have the last chance to get a hundred million for Kane, who can buy a couple of players, but the truth is that it is Kane who brings the club a sporting achievement, which goes hand in hand with cash income. If the striker leaves, the losses from several seasons of prize money could outweigh the gains from selling him. True, again, for the ds Fabio Paratici a lot will depend on the conditions under which a new agreement with the player will be concluded.

Little bit for Kane

And for Kane, the seriousness of the sporting tasks set for the coming seasons can play a key role. And the first step towards realizing big ambitions should be a decision on the coach. In England they are sure Antonio Conte’s days at the club are numbered, but it is still unknown who will replace him.

To save Harry, there is no better candidate than Mauricio Pochettino. The Argentine is by far the most important coach in a goalscorer’s career. Under him he played 242 games (by comparison, Conte is next with 74) and scored 169 goals (57% of all his goals).

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Pochettino recently expressed a desire to return, but British journalists believe Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has his eye on Fulham boss Marca Silva, who has done an impressive job of trying to pull the Cottagers into European competition this season . The Portuguese manages to masterfully combine low costs with rather high results.

In Portugal, they write that one of Tottenham’s targets is Sporting manager Ruben Amorim, who managed the impossible in the 2020/21 season – for the first time in 19 years, to break through group champions Porto/Benfica. True, in European competitions he has not risen above the knockout stages of the Champions League and Europa League (on Thursday another attempt could be interrupted by Arsenal) and, when asked directly about the future, he says he wants to Win more in the next three years assigned to him on the basis of a gold contract with Sporting.

In any case, there is a situation of mutual dependence. The choice of a coach can influence Kane’s decision, just as Kane himself can influence the choice of a coach. But will Levi do it to get his own version of Kylian Mbappe on the team – a football player with too much power, destroying the team from within?


And then another factor comes into play: a new team for Kane. Spurs are well aware that the player will have little choice. Firstly, if he can’t anchor himself at Tottenham in any way, it’s hard to imagine him risking even changing leagues. In addition, being the third goalscorer in the history of the Premier League with real chances to get around Alan Shearer (57 goals left) and become the best of the best.

Secondly, not all applicants can withdraw their financial claims, even in the domestic arena. Thirdly, Manchester City have already satisfied their hunger for goals by signing Erling Haaland. That is, leaving for Kane is an even more difficult task than in previous years.

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In this regard, only one seems to be an ideal union, with Manchester United. Eric ten Hag really needs a stable sniper to get the Red Devils back on top and wants to get Kane, however, according to ESPN, the club bosses won’t dare to negotiate with Levy. The 61-year-old top manager’s reputation is too heavy. Everyone knows that he is ready to lose his pulse to fight for every euro. Maybe that’s why he’s the Premier League’s main long-liver: he’s been club president since 2001, longer than anyone else in the Premier League.

At United, the prospect of another communication with Levy is not enthusiastic. Furthermore, club icon Sir Alex Ferguson reminded the bosses of how, in 2008, months-long talks with Levy over Dimitar Berbatov resulted in a deal just an hour before the transfer window closed and cost the club the record sum of 30 million pounds. Subsequently, Sir Alex has sworn never to get involved with Levy, and he is honored at Old Trafford and also doesn’t want to risk falling into a similar position.

It will be easier (and probably cheaper) for Manchester United to snatch Victor Osimhen from Napoli (but they think so because they have never dealt with Aurelio de Laurentiis) or Dusan Vlahovic from Juventus. In any case, they are considered to be the club’s main transfer market objectives for the summer.

So it all goes to the fact that Kane will once again stay in North London and see his monument, but never win anything of significance, although he is stronger in versatility and skill set, e.g. Robert Lewandowski, who racked up a scatter of all types of titles.


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