Cool bodybuilder broke his neck with a barbell. Video of the approach to death

Bodybuilder Justin Vicki was known all over the world. The 33-year-old athlete gained fame primarily thanks to his video blog, in which he talked about all the most important nuances of “building” an ideal body – from diet to the details of training with a demonstration of correct and safe work with large weights. Millions of spectators enjoyed the master’s lectures, and when the news of the tragedy in Bali spread around the world, the athlete’s fans were shocked. Even more shocking was the cause of Vicki’s death. If you call the spade the spade, the athlete was spoiled with his self-confidence. Exercise with a 204-kilogram barbell, which was the last in his life, he himself repeatedly called one of the most dangerous, but at the same time indispensable in training a bodybuilder. And in doing so he made a mistake that proved to be fatal.

Photo source: Justin Wiki social media

Not enough hands

According to all the canons of safety precautions, which Vicki himself was often fond of citing, when working with such weights, at least two must insure the athlete performing the approach. Why he chose to go against his advice this time remains a mystery. But the fact remains that Justin only had one insurer. As a result, the last video in an athlete’s life can only be watched by people with very strong nerves. Vicki almost immediately lost control of the projectile and literally began to collapse under the unbearable load. As a result, falling from the bar led to fracture of the cervical vertebrae and compression of vital nerves. It was no longer possible to help Justin – he died of wounds incompatible with life.

Rules written in blood

This nightmarish story, like almost all the others, has two sides. The death of a healthy 33-year-old man full of strength is certainly a tragedy. But Justin’s fans got the ultimate lesson from their virtual mentor and he will be remembered for the rest of his life. No matter how much you sometimes want to give up any security measures in a fit of emotions and excitement, once again flaunting your heroic strength, this should not be done in any case. Luck is not infinite and when it comes to loads at the limit of human capacity, everything must be foreseen, even ridiculous accidents. Or, if at the moment it is not possible to observe all the point-by-point precautions, refuse to perform a risky exercise. Otherwise, exercising in the gym, aimed at improving one’s health, can instantly lead to irreparable consequences.


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