CIO agent in Russia? Isinbayeva handed over a handbook for Russian athletes

Isinbayeva doesn’t speak often in public, especially in the last year and a half. Recently, however, her surname appears in the news, as well as her desire. Then, the Ukrainians asked the International Olympic Committee to deprive Isinbayeva of membership due to the presence of a major, and the Spanish edition of El Digital Sur said that she lives in the Canary Islands, despite the fact that she is “a former State Duma MP and member of the ruling party”.

The problem is that this is a fictitious biography: Isinbayeva was neither a deputy nor a party member. Here, apparently, he did not survive:

“Friends, I rarely react to news or articles related to my name … But this time I decided to dot the i’s for everyone who is interested in this topic and who is interested in the truth.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

In Russia, as in any other country in Europe, every athlete belongs to one or another sports club.

Until 2018, I played for CSKA and received high awards and titles for outstanding sporting achievements. Those ranks that are being talked about today are nominal, since I am not and have never been in the service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Just as she has never been a State Duma deputy or a member of any party. My vocation is sport.

In 2013, he founded his own charitable foundation, the work of which is aimed at the development of youth sports, mass sports and sports for children with disabilities. For nine years we have been building accessible sports fields for free use (today there are more than 90), I organize athletics competitions, identify talented children, equip orphanages with sports equipment and so on.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

Since 2016, I have been a member of the International Olympic Committee, where I actively work with my colleagues, outstanding athletes from all over the world, for the benefit of the development of sport and the Olympic Movement.

There was a temporary lull in the work, the CIO needed time to figure everything out. Today I can gladly announce that as early as September 2023 I will resume my international activities in the IOC, as the IOC has no doubts about me and I am not subject to any articles and sanctions.

Friends, I appeal to all those who distribute fake articles and information: I am a man of the world, I always have been and I will remain!

I live where I work, eat what I love, communicate with those I value and respect. I have always believed and will believe in the best side of every person, even those people who today are “ready to throw a stone at me” just because someone somewhere said something, wrote or distributed a photo 10 years ago, having nothing to do with real reality. Remember: envy is a destructive feeling.

Check the information, analyze it, don’t let yourself be deceived and sidetracked from achieving your goals. Appreciate yourself and your time, don’t waste it in vain … You still have a chance to achieve something in this life. I wish you the best!”

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Finding the truth in this matter is not easy, and it is important to distinguish its legal component from the real one, since the rank of Major Isinbayeva was indeed awarded, and in 2015 she signed a five-year contract with the Ministry of Defense and has received the position of CSKA athletics instructor. However, the IOC has already checked the athlete, but has not changed anything in the reports of him.

So, if nothing changes, in September you, as promised, will return to work and will continue to work at the CIO.

But the information about her residence in the Canaries is probably true, since Isinbayeva’s daughter, 9-year-old Eva Petinova, took part in two tennis tournaments on the islands in 2023 – in Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Petinova is in 18th place in the local ranking of tennis players under 10 years old. However, is it possible to criticize Isinbayeva for this?

Photo source: Elena Isinbayeva’s social network

The reaction to the scandalous interview with Elena Isinbayeva was immediate. The head of Dagestan, Sergei Melikov, has already ordered to change the name of the stadium, which to this day bore the proper name of the record holder in pole vaulting. The football club “Dynamo” (Makhachkala) holds its home matches in this stadium. Melikov believes that the residents of the republic themselves should choose a new name for the sports venue and suggested naming sports facilities in Spain in honor of Isinbayeva.

“Dagestan is a sports republic, we have many worthy athletes, true patriots of the Fatherland, stories of triumph, when the Dagestan character allowed our athletes to snatch victory from even the strongest opponent. That’s all, in my opinion, should be reflected in the name of the stadium. I admit that people will even want to return the previous name: “JOB”. And in honor of Elena Isinbayeva, let them name a gymnasium in Spain, which she preferred to Russia. Sergey Melikov said in his Telegram channel.


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