Cherchesov shot. Salamych lost the european cups to postmen

photo by: FC Ferencvaros

Yesterday Salamych was the idol of Hungary. Today he was simply expelled.

Ferencvaros made a sensational exit from the first round of the Champions League, losing at home to Faroese KI Klaksvik with a score of 0:3. Furthermore, this defeat actually happened as early as the first half, when the vivacious Faroese boys blew a more status opponent to smithereens in 45 minutes of play. At the same time, the champion of Hungary in hitting and ball possession beat the modest island team at times.

It is reasonable that the fans of the home team, angry at such a sensitive slap, demanded the resignation of coach Stanislav Cherchesov. At the same time, knowing the linguistic knowledge of the former mentor of the Russian team, messages were made in two languages ​​u200bu200bat once: “Auf Wiedersehen!” and “The Russians go home!”.

At the traditional post-match press conference, Stanislav Salamovich, according to the tradition that has already developed over the years, was adamant, instantly parrying all questions about his resignation.

photo by: FC Ferencvaros

“Why should I do this? When the team plays like today, the coach has to answer. I think so. It’s my fault. The situation is not easy, because we have many new players. Today we lack balance. There are difficulties, but this is no reason to admit what happened in our game today. I can only be angry with myself,” Cherchesov said as quoted by Sportal.

Familiar phrases, favorite answers, a difficult situation are also for the first time for Cherchesov. However, the credibility of the Russian specialist after the defeat of KI Klaksvik significantly dried up. Immediately after the match, the president of the Hungarian club, Gabor Kubatov, said on social media that the match was unworthy of Ferencváros and that conclusions would be drawn “in the near future”.

And it seems that Kurbatov was not joking. Literally an hour later, the fate of Stanislav Cherchesov was decided. Our specialist was fired from the club precisely because of the shameful outcome of the match with the Faroese team. The Russian coach has been working in Hungary since December 2021, having won 2 league titles and the National Cup with Ferencváros.

This is how they punish for the defeats of the club, which is 20 times champion of the pumping station, in which local clerks and postmen spend their free time. The guys came out to take a break from exhausting work and accidentally defeated the most titled team in Hungary.


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