Charlotte Yven and Loïs Berrehar win “after a great battle”

For the first time, this Transat was to be raced with a mixed crew. The duo won by 16 minutes ahead of the second. It was the first crossing of the Atlantic for Charlotte Yven.

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Loïs Berrehar and Charlotte Yven in Saint-Barthélémy, on Friday May 19, 2023, upon their arrival as winners of the Transat Paprec.. (JEROME VAL / RADIO FRANCE)

A man and a woman. Loïc Berrehar and Charlotte Yven won the Transat Paprec (ex-Transat ag2r) sailing regatta between Concarneau and Saint-Barthélémy in the Antilles on Friday 19 May. This year the organizers have forced mixed pairing boats to open the offshore race to women. It worked: Charlotte Yven was making her first Atlantic crossing. On board of Captain Macifthey won after 18 days and 19 hours of sailing early Gaston Morvan and Anne-Claire Le Berre duets (Brittany Region – CMB Performance)at 16’33”, and Corentin Horeau-Pauline Courtois (Blue Mortgage)at 59′.

“Girls Have the Level”

Upon arrival, in the dark night of Saint-Barthélémy, Charlotte Yven had the smile of someone who has put in a real performance. At 26, Charlotte Yven had never spent so much time at sea, she had never crossed the Atlantic Ocean. “I’m super happy and proud, it’s been a great fight”, says the 26-year-old sailor. His companion for 18 days, Loïs Berrehar, was already on his third Transat. Six months ago the two sailors hardly knew each other, but on board the understanding was perfect. “The two got together easily, we had a lot of fun,” adds.

This year, for the 16th edition of the Transat, the organizers have innovated by imposing mixed pairs. We had to adapt. Loïs Berrehar has played the game of perfect distribution of tasks. “We split the roles 100%, we were both capable of doing everything on board”, observe.

With this imposed mix, the female sailors proposed themselves. And that’s a good thing, welcomes Charlotte Yven: “It gives a good signal that coed works and that many girls have the level.” Thanks to this experience, Charlotte Yven doesn’t budge: she has found her way and will be on the water for a long time.

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