Cake for reptiles. Vasco da Gama suffers losses from alligators

Not long ago, social media and tabloid headlines exploded with the news that Vasco da Gama has been prevented from training and preparing for Serie A matches. Of course, there are many hurdles that can complicate players’ preparations, such as poor pitch quality, inappropriate weather conditions, the deplorable state of the training ground. However, this time the reason was quite unusual for a professional club. Alligators have become the lawbreakers of the Brazilians!

The fact is that in the training process, football players periodically fly off the field and even from the training base. It would seem, what’s the matter to go and bring them back, does it seem like nothing difficult? But the process is complicated by the players’ closest neighbors: the alligators, who have taken up residence in the thickets around the base. Despite the fact that in many regions of South America you meet reptiles a common thing, employees and the players themselves simply do not dare to chase after the balls that have flown away, fearing for their lives and health.

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The club’s unfriendly neighbors have already bought a whole warehouse of football equipment. According to the club, the team’s players send about twenty balls to the predators’ home every month. One can only guess what will happen to the predators and equipment that has flown into their lair. Beg the joke that the reptiles will be inspired by the environment and even start playing football, showing class to some players from Vasco da Gama and our Premier League. But, unfortunately, so far crocodiles only swim around the balls and are not very eager to start minting them.

The source does not say whether the club’s management is taking any action to address this issue. However, many in the club are quite concerned about this situation, especially due to the fact that a rather large part of the team’s budget is spent on the purchase of new balls. Let’s hope that the Brazilian club will still find a way out of such an unusual situation without harming itself or the animals themselves.

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Recall that “Vasco da Gama” performs in the Brazilian Serie A, in the ranking of which it occupies the penultimate 19th place. In the last match, the club lost to Cruzeiro with the score 0:1. Perhaps management should really wait for the alligators to figure out what to do with the ball, since even the team players in almost every game don’t figure out what to do with it.


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