Boris Rapoport: Semak has enough players, but the losses still look quite serious

– There are two difficulties. The first: the confrontation consists of a meeting, unlike the four who fight at the top. The second problem is that it won’t be able to reproduce the optimal composition. Despite the fact that Semak has enough players at his disposal, the losses still look pretty serious.

Dynamo will have an optimal team. Smolov and Zakharyan recovered. At the same time, the team has some problems associated with an unsuccessful match. The transition to the next phase of the FONBET Cup of Russia will therefore be very important.

The game will be interesting and possibly challenging. But even so, I think Zenit should also win in this squad. If we want to win the Cup, then we shouldn’t stop at an opponent like Dynamo, because the last matches of the blue-whites left a lot to be desired. The quick, combinatorial and technical game of the team that was under Schwartz has disappeared somewhere. The German specialist gave the youth the opportunity to play. He believed in them and they believed in him. And the team played interesting football. It was a quick match and we saw one of the best RPL teams. I don’t know why, but something broke in Dynamo’s game. Take, for example, the game in Krasnodar. There were a few moments, but they started making mistakes from behind. Shunin’s rather weak game was surprising to me. It’s hard to say what the coaches of the national team are guided by, calling him in such a state for the match of the Russian national team? I do not know. He was very experienced in goalkeeper moments, but here he had a kind of uncertainty and instability. However, Shunin is the unconditional first number, and Leshchuk is unlikely to play against Zenit. This is a goalkeeper from our school, he’s been in the team for two years. A talented boy and I think his time could come sooner or later too. So there is a certain possibility. Well, and a huge number of young players in the team who have some differences. I know many PFL players, when I worked at Leningradets, and these artists played against us for Dynamo-2. There’s a whole group there. But youngsters tend to be unstable and one season doesn’t mean the next will be the same. There is a feeling that they seem weaker this year.

He also drew attention to the fact that the Serbian specialist varies the line of defense. After all, good class defenders left the team. But there was a good clip in the back. And now everything has fallen apart and the team does not show a stable game in defense. Therefore, the goalkeeper began to twitch. Well, a number of players seem weaker. Zakharyan himself, for example, or Tyukavin. Lisova has not recovered yet. The coach puts in Smolov, he plays, and then Tyukavin comes out, who scores a lot, plays well in the penalty area, is sharp, fast and explosive. So Semak will have to figure out how to act defensively. After all, how to play Smolov is understandable. This is an accomplished player.


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