Bored without a fight. McGregor gets into another scandal

For a long time Conor McGregor was considered one of the symbols of the main promotion in mixed martial arts. The outrageous Irishman has garnered a solid share of public attention, been followed, and some have even tried to mimic his behavior at press conferences and public events. For this, Conor has been forgiven a lot, including some actions that go beyond the usual thrash talk for MMA fans. But after the fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov, which ended in a confident victory for the Dagestan athlete, and all the events surrounding the fight, McGregor, as they say, went all out, completely forgetting about what brought him world fame – performances in the octagon. The last fight with Conor’s participation was dated October 2021 – and since then his surname has appeared only in sections of secular, and sometimes criminal chronicles.

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Our hit has ripened everywhere

More recently, McGregor has become a defendant in another high-profile scandal. He was accused of raping a woman during Game 4 of the NBA Playoff Finals between the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets. According to available information, Conor attacked the victim in the bathroom and committed sexual assault. It was also reported that the injured party agreed to a preliminary settlement of the conflict, but McGregor decided to defend the wreckage of an already shattered reputation and wrote an appeal to fans in which he assured that he was not guilty of anything. Interestingly, the Irishman was invited to that match as the face of a cosmetic company that produces body care products and he outraged the audience as soon as he entered the site. A comic fight with the mascot of one of the teams turned into a real fight. But even that would have gotten away with Conor if not for being charged with a particularly serious felony.

Conor McGregor’s social media

Continuation of the “banquet”

McGregor should be hiding here, for a while creating the image of a falsely accused millionaire, from whom greedy and envious people are trying to get part of his income, but further developments showed that life teaches Conor nothing. The Irishman started a fight in the English town of Birkenhead, where he came to his aunt’s funeral. McGregor organized an impromptu vigil in one of the bars. The rest is known only from the words of eyewitnesses, cited by numerous sources. It is said that first the clatter of broken dishes was heard from the bar, then the scandalous ex-champion himself ran out into the street, demanding that his bodyguards urgently take him away from the scene.

Conor McGregor’s social media

In this light, Conor’s behavior in the current situation is interesting: a person who is able to knock the average visitor to any bar into a deep knockout runs away, arranging a fight out of the blue. All this once again proves that McGregor himself signed the verdict on his career, not figuring out the fine line in time, after which a cheerful Irish guy with tattoos, who knows how to give a hint a little beyond the foul, turns into a person who in certain situations will be beaten by the crowd, regardless of the insignia. And if Conor still hopes to return to sports, he needs to think seriously about aligning life priorities.


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