Blogger Vlad Bumaga took part in the ISS-2023 BetBoom Superfinal

On Sunday, July 16, the VTB Arena hosted the BetBoom Superfinal of the Moscow Celebrity Cup (ISS-2023), a popular media football tournament.

The warm-up for the match, in which the 2DROTS and Broke Boys teams met, kicked off 2.5 hours before kick-off with a series of challenges between the FC Dynamo team and the ISS stars.

In addition to the players of the main black and white team, their star fans also played for Dynamo: Vlad (A4) Paper, Artur Dalaloyan, Vanya Dmitrienko, Anton Klenov, German El Classico and Romaroy.

The author of the first goal scored was the well-known children’s blogger Vlad A4, who closed Fedor Smolov’s cross in the challenge of rally shots. The test ended with a score of 2:2.

In the next competition, the participants had to hit the crossbar from 11 meters – only Romaroy coped with this task.

In the third relay match, Dynamo again excelled in passing accuracy, and Vlad masterfully passed his stage.

After that, the players had to hit the targets in the gate, and Paper’s very first hit brought his team to 5 points – as a result, the Dynamo team beat their rivals 15:10.

Finally, in the 3v3 match, the ISS stars showed themselves best, who then won the penalty shootout with the score 5:4.

Even more spectators, including almost 20 thousand in the stands of the VTB Arena, were warmed up by the concert of rapper Faraone. The final match of the tournament itself was also brilliant: 2DROTS conceded from the penalty spot at the end of the first half and remained in the minority, but after the break he scored twice and won the coveted trophy!


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