Between Henman Hill and Center Court, we saw the first coronation of Carlos Alcaraz in London

The Spaniard won his second Grand Slam title, and his first at Wimbledon, on Sunday after an intense fight against Serbian Novak Djokovic.

He fell to the ground and the grass shook. Carlos Alcaraz won his first Wimbledon trophy and his second Grand Slam title, beating seven-time winner Novak Djokovic (1-6, 7-6(6), 6-1, 3-6, 6- 4) , on Sunday 16 July, in 4h43 of play, the Spaniard, number one in the world, allowed himself the luxury of preventing the Serbian from winning his 24th Major title here, the third of the year and the eighth in London . Franceinfo:sport was at the gates of Wimbledon. We tell you about this tennis moment.

Carlos, champagne and pimm’s

Behind the scenes, it’s already the excitement of this early afternoon. The muffled atmosphere of Wimbledon has turned into a kind of mini pressure cooker. In the media center, reporters wait in the hope of being able to access center field to watch the game. Because today, access to Central has never been more limited.

For many, the stopgap solution is Henman hill or Murray Mont, a small hill at the end of the stadium where non-ticket holders for the big fields congregate. While the comings and goings were free from the beginning of the fortnight, access is limited there too. It’s not about letting crowds build up and impede the free flow of traffic in the bays: spectators must be seated on the hill, and only a few rows standing at the boundary between grass and asphalt are tolerated. Picnic tablecloths have been installed for the far-sighted ones who have invested the restaurant upstream. “You have to be smart to get a place here”, highlights Charles, faithful spectator of Wimbledon, sitting on his red and white tablecloth, cooler at his feet.

The first set 6-1 in favor of Novak Djokovic, inflicted in 34 minutes, leaves the crowd in the hills speechless. But the Spanish quickly recovered and remobilized his many supporters. A little battle of cheers between “Carlos” AND “Novak” drag the crowd away, intoxicated by this steamy second set. The third set, and this 26-minute match, with 13 draws and 7 break points for Alcaraz, which allowed them to take the lead 4-1, further inflamed the spectators on the hill, with their eyes on the match while sipping a glass of champagne or a Pimm’s, the tournament’s famous nectar.


On center court, some noises of uncorking bottles of champagne can be heard at the back of the stadium, the party has already begun at the end of the third set. THE “Vamos” are more numerous than “Go Novak”, and the applause in favor of Spanish has a few more decibels. If the crowd warmly greets every nice gesture from Djokovic, he gets up and explodes with joy only when the Murciano scores a point. He has already chosen his winner, whatever the outcome of the game.

The strongest tradition of passion

Carlos Alcaraz collapses on the grass. He just won his first major in London. At this moment, the whole stadium gasps and catches fire. Hundreds of arms are raised and waved, a din rises, and the neighbors embrace and rejoice together at this accomplishment. Suddenly, the applause and cheer fades before stopping altogether within seconds. The arrival on the pitch of the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, godmother of the AELTC (All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club), brings down Central’s fever. Long seconds pass in cathedral silence, as if time had stopped.

Wimbledon Awards Ceremony, Sunday 16th July 2023.

Once the trophies have been awarded at the end of a ceremony in all sobriety, the public stands up and gives a voice to the two players, sometimes even shouting, and tries to get closer to the sidelines to see the new champion, without taking their eyes off the Spaniard. Carlos Alcaraz thus makes a round of the pitch to present his trophy, before lifting it to the top of the famous balcony of the Center Court, in front of a crowd that has come in droves to cheer him on. His back and forth between different parts of the AELTC, between leaving the pitch and meeting the media, can be recognized by the shouts of fans in the corridors, who are usually much calmer. Today was not like any other day. The former monarch abdicated to allow for the coronation of his successor, King Carlos.

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