Barcelona have paid millions for inconsistent reports of misspelled referees

After the Barcelona case of corruption of the former vice president of the technical committee of the judiciary, Enriquez Negreira, was taken up by the prosecutor’s office and the anti-corruption committee, new details emerge every day. Yes, edition Freedom Digital gained access and published two reports made by the son of football official Enriquez Romero on referees Iglesias Villanueva and David Pérez Pallas.

It is indicated that the documents are printed on Barcelona letterhead, are marked “referee confidential report” and consist of two or three pages. They were seized during a search of the home of former Blaugrana coach Josep Contreras, who died last December.

Villanueva is currently the assistant VAR in the example. An extensive report is dedicated to him, with a detailed personal profile and a list of the Barcelona matches he refereed during his career. “He is well prepared physically”, “for his composure and courage he will present a yellow or red card to any player he needs”, “he has no outstanding personality or charisma” – such a description was given to the referee by the authors of the report.

screenshot: Digital Libertad

Pallas is the main referee of the segunda, i.e. the second league in the hierarchy of Spanish football. He refereed the match between Cordoba and Barcelona B on 6 October 2012, in which the Catalans were defeated 1-2.

Slightly deviating from the topic, we note that in that match Gerard Delofeu, Luis Alberto, Rafinha (the one who was later included in PSG) and Alex Grimaldo played in the Blaugrana, and defender Patrick (from 2015 at Lazio) came out to replace . The powerful efficiency of a second team whose players are truly found in professional football at the highest level.

Well, let’s go back to Pallas. The minutes characterize him as “a very young and courageous referee, ready to show a card or a penalty without hesitation if he sees it”. And there is also a personal trait: “Dear, modest, responsible and hardworking. He is in the fourth year of telecommunications engineering at the University of Vigo.

These extremely empty and irrelevant reports, written, according to Spanish journalists, with a huge number of typos, spelling, punctuation, factual and logical errors, cost Barcelona 7.3 million euros, or 430 thousand a year (in 2001- 2018). If the Catalans really only paid Negreira for these services, then they can claim the prize for the meanest waste of money in history.

However, for Barcelona, ​​​​​​the whole story may turn out to be interesting sideways, because the scandal is only gaining momentum. And even if the Catalans will not be punished with relegation (and there were even rumors that UEFA could exclude the blue grenade from European competitions), they have already suffered huge reputational losses, also complicating their transfer campaign. Thus, Inigo Martinez, who had already agreed a contract with the club, put the negotiation on hold due to what was happening.


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