Asia-Eurasia, what a shame? Tournament announced: the road to nowhere

It is not very clear why there are so many cheers from participating in some Asian tournament. And it would be okay if it was still completely Asian – no, this is some kind of fragment, consisting mainly of the remnants of the former empire or, as they were also called, national suburbs.

You develop when you play with your peers, but better with who is stronger than you. Does a soccer player grow up when he goes out to play in the courtyard with the boys? NO. And with the students? Also not. The boys will still lose, but students playing the quarterfinal “pros” can wear a full panama hat.

We have already drawn twice about such trips. And the question remains the same: why did you go? Why, if the players have told us that it is difficult to tune in to games like this? Maybe then if we don’t have international tournaments yet, then there’s no point in collecting a pseudo-team? Only Dziuba, you know, upset.

Photo source: Mikhail Shapaev / RFS

How many times have I heard the utterly empty slogan “It’s better to do something than nothing.” The slogan is absolutely empty and there is nothing behind it. Since it is pronounced in a different context one hundred and fifty times, it will not be filled with meaning. Yesterday I read from one of my colleagues a very correct parallel: if a child repeatedly brings two from school his parents will forgive him if he tells them a deuce is still better than none. no, two he’s a devil. Both Uzbekistan and Tajikistan this is not Paris and Berlin. No matter how you convince that this is also a package tour and the money is also “paid”.

And then. It is symbolic that they told us about this not in Taganka. After all, the news about the Russian football team now comes from Tajikistan. Previously, they were from Switzerland, where FIFA and UEFA sit. Feel the difference?

The benefit of a trip to such a cup can, if you think about it, be only one – to see the level in Asia and never race there again.


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