Another knockout or return of the champion. What to expect from the third fight between Usman and Edwards?

The fight will take place on March 19 and will headline UFC 286.

The first time they met in 2015 and then Kamaru Usman won by unanimous decision. Leon Edwards went for revenge for seven years and won nine in a row, proving the level of him. In the rematch, we saw a pretty close fight and a fifth-round knockout from Edwards’ high kick.

Eight months later, we will have another revenge and a third fight between these fighters.

Usman wants a new fight. The knockout had to leave its mark, and not only physically, but also psychologically. He has lost his status as the dominant champion. Kamaru Usman has not yet reached the critical level to change his preparation and training process, and this is another great opportunity for Leon Edwards. Kamaru Usman will focus on wrestling, but Leon Edwards defends well and works better in the stands. Our opinion is that Leon Edwards will win again. Yes, it is possible to eliminate Kamaru Usman this time will not work and the fight will come to a decision of a referee. But if the applicant gets emotional and rushes forward, he cannot avoid a second knockout.

Revenge is always fun and interesting.


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