Andrey Razin: stand on the side? Indescribable sensations!

“I think it turned out to be a good series,” says Andrey Razin, “Of course, no one believed in us and we lost in principle. But everyone has seen everything. I think you won’t write anymore that CSKA didn’t tune in or something else. We showed that we won the games we won, not CSKA.

Too bad to leave in the first phase for the third consecutive year, in the seventh game for the second consecutive year.

We played with a good team. I wish CSKA to repeat that success, because it would be nice if we fight them to the end, and then they will tear everyone apart. Good luck to them. And see you in the new year.”

– How did you manage to impose such a fight on CSKA?

Most worked well for us, we caught our opponents on the break. Little things like that have been fixed. We scored three goals per game which is a good result.

– Comment on the second goal of CSKA, when Morozov lied, without commenting on the actions of the judges?

Why not comment them? Is it just this moment? There are many questions about other points. And this moment… it’s just ridiculous. Although, what’s so funny. I worked in Izhevsk, when many referees from the VHL were transferred and we had a man in a series on our nickel who was in his blood, his Achilles was cut off. Alright then. But then, when the opponent was in the same position, there was no whistle. Now what to comment? We Rozhkovs owned the puck. When the referees raise their hand for a penalty and the puck is touched… From my camera it was clear that our player was in possession of the puck. Why they booed, they will probably explain to Anisimov if he asks.

– Today you stood on the side, like Valery Bragin …

I just told you about the major leagues, and I was the first to stand on the side, so I’m not the first. It’s great to stand. The feelings are indescribable.

– Will you stay in Severstal?

There will be a press conference, which usually lasts two days. Now I don’t want to answer this question. I haven’t worked with the top clubs yet. When I worked at Avtomobilist, it was not a top club. I think after a good season there, the oligarchs paid attention to the team. I hope that here in Cherepovets the oligarchs will pay attention to the team and it will become a top club. Whether I stay or not is another matter. There is a solution.

– Does the team gain cup experience?

“Last year we had older people. Khokhlov, Nyattinen, Kodola… Today Geraskin, Ivantsov, Guslistov. Kids will love this series. It’s a pity we lost.

– If you now had a team like CSKA, what tasks would you set?

If grandma had balls, it would be grandpa.


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