Andrey Kobelev: I have a lot of questions about this cup

– Cup matches are always separate, regardless of the teams’ positions in the league, they are tense. We can say that for Dynamo, who have lost their chances for the championship, the way to the Cup is what they need now.

– It so happened that Zenit and Dynamo meet – on the path of the weakest …

– There are many questions, including my own, about this Cup. Lokomotiv, after losing to Spartak, got a chance to continue fighting in the Cup and even win it. But it lost to the FNL team. To this day, this is an incomprehensible draw to me. The only advantage can be found in the fact that teams play more matches. Lokomotiv’s matches with Spartak and Dynamo with Krylia give football a stir, as well as impetus. The sporting component, on the other hand, is different. “Zenith” with “Dynamo” will play one match, and those who are on top – two matches each …

– Why do you think Dynamo played so badly with Wings?

– The fact is that the teams played three games in a row at the same time. One of them is in the league. Therefore, it is difficult to talk about something.

– Didn’t the team’s failure in Krasnodar surprise you?

– Pretty surprised. Krasnodar plays well in attack and is more constructive, but in defense, of course, there is complete chaos. And Dynamo could take advantage of this confusion, but, alas, did not show aggression. In the first games of the season I would like Dynamo to gain momentum after a long training camp. But so far this is not visible. In my opinion, you need to watch one or two more games and then draw a conclusion.

– Can the current Dynamo be called the team of the new coach?

– Definitely yes. The team has changed and, first of all, many players have changed. The second point is tactics. Under Schwartz, the team played more aggressively: he played more powerfully in attack, there was a lot of pressure. Now Dynamo relies on positional defense, with an attack. Well, I would like to note that, from my point of view, the same Zakharyan and Makarov, who seemed more powerful last season, are today a faded shadow of their former selves. There must be people who play hard from the wing to make passes to Tyukavina herself.


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