“All deformed, covered in blood.” The crowd severely chastised the comedian for a joke about Khabib

The Caucasus is known for its harsh customs. It is not for nothing that dozens of fearless fighters who have conquered the world stage in recent decades come from this region. But if in the ring a tough character becomes a good helper for athletes, then in ordinary life it often leads to unnecessary conflicts.

Five years ago, Khabib Nurmagomedov was in the center of an unpleasant story, whose friends brutally took revenge on a famous comedian for a harmless joke on a fighter.

Even the father of the famous athlete had to speak out.

“It was all twisted, covered in blood”

In 2018, before the fight between Khabib and Conor McGregor, Eldar Iraziev, together with his comrades from KVN, decided to cheer up the Dagestan wrestler and recorded a kind video message for him. Due to the heavy workload, Nurmagomedov did not see the message and left it unanswered. The situation touched the comedian a little, who addressed him with a comical voice message with the words “Here you are, g..!”. After a while, the athlete invited Eldar to a conversation, during which the comedian apologized to the fighter and promised not to joke like that again.

Photo source: Eldar Iraziev’s social network

This, however, did not end the matter. Khabib’s friends decided to teach the comedian a cruel lesson. In January 2019, a group of people broke into the hotel where Iraziev was staying, where he was forced to apologize again.

It is unknown if the athlete himself was present at the same time. Some sources indicate that Nurmagomedov witnessed the events, while others claim that the fighter was at a meeting with fans in Australia at the time. The very fact of the incident, however, is beyond doubt – Iraziev was beaten right in front of the hotel workers.

“We were all pushed aside, but we still saw the Eldar leave. He was all twisted, covered in blood, it seems, he was beaten there by the whole crowd, ”the Baza channel reports the words of one of the workers at the carts.

“I was buried early”

The story spread across the country, so soon Khabib’s father Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov also had to speak out about the scandal. The legendary coach criticized his son and his friends:

Photo source: Eldar Iraziev’s social network

– After the battle of Fedor, like a cold rain of showdown with Eldar. I was in Kaliningrad when I heard both news. I didn’t like the morning of January 27th. I tell you frankly: it is unpleasant to hear this. How can you visit each other and so forth? Upon arrival home, I myself will go to Eldar, the rest is wrong and unacceptable. The best of their genres, your example is infectious and obscene. Do not repeat youthful nonsense,” Abdulmanap wrote on social networks, but later deleted the post.

A few days later, the same comedian calmed worried fans. Iraziev spoke about what happened and his condition:

– I understand, I was buried early. Lots of calls. I don’t have time to answer everyone, but it really touches me. Actually, I’m fine. The only thing that saddens me is that there was a mess on the Internet and I became the unwitting initiator of it, people in the comments insult each other. I wanted to ask everyone to lower the tension a little. Everything is going as usual, everything is fine,” Eldar said in a video message.


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