after the Six Nations Tournament, the XV of France is heading towards the World Cup

The Blues beat Wales on Saturday, a way to wrap up the tournament in style before planning for the World Cup in France, less than five months away.

Throughout the tournament, the World Cup was a taboo topic among the players. But from Saturday night and the end of the Six Nations Tournament, a 180 degree turn! Like the Uini pillar Atonio, who scored his first try against the Welshman in France during his 50th selection, no one hides that he has something more in mind: “The World Cup, everyone wants to be there, everyone wants to play.”

This impending World Cup in France is the culmination of four years of work under the orders of Fabien Galthié, explains back row Charles Ollivon. “Four Years in Office”says, with four tournaments played, 35 games played, and steady progress: “We’re moving forward, we’re on the right track. Since our first match on February 2, 2020, a lot has happened: we lost guys, we recovered… It’s a long story, and every match is an experience, with particular scenarios , sometimes ‘cartoons’…”

“There are many positives in this human adventure. We keep learning, we give everything and we will be ready.”

Carlo Olivon

on franceinfo

The word is over: the Blues are ready to take up the biggest challenge in their history: trying to win a World Cup for the first time. Because with only one defeat in the last 18 games, there is no doubt for Karim Ghezal, coach on the sidelines: the XV of France has so far achieved all the objectives set. “When we look back at our roadmap, what we wanted was to win matches. We won almost 80%, we had a grand slam, we managed to put together 14 games in a row. We were aiming for the Top 3 in the world , we are second: we are where we wanted to be.”

It could be added that in four years the Blues have beaten all the best nations in the world at least once, from New Zealand to Australia, via Ireland. That can be true in five months, says coach Fabien Galthié.

“If I remember correctly, we have one defeat in four years. I hope the teams fear us.”

Fabien Galthie

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The players still have one step to take and last but not least: joining the 42-man squad called up by Fabien Galthié. A long-awaited list, which will have to be unveiled on June 21st.

The XV of France towards the World Cup: the report by Fanny Lechevestrier


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