a new freediving world record set by a Frenchman


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A feat was accomplished on Thursday 20 July by the French freediver Arnaud Jerald. He broke his own world record with a dive to 122 meters in the Bahamas.

A dark abyss, place of all freediving records. In the Bahamas, in the Caribbean, the French Arnaud Jérald, a professional freediver, had an appointment with the company. A slow and silent descent of 3 minutes and 35 seconds, to reach a depth of 122 meters. At this level the error can be fatal: the pressure is 13 times greater than atmospheric pressure.

A new victory

When the 27-year-old from Marseille comes to the surface, it’s a new victory. “I was calm, there is a good safety team around me. Very happy to do this dive after a busy winter in training and a lot of time spent here in the Bahamas”, he has declared. The freediver is not on his first attempt. Already in 2020 you broke the dual fin world record for the second time in Kalamata (Greece), reaching a depth of 112 meters.

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