“A little validol.” The general director of “Spartak” is happy with the victory, but not with the lack of fans

Not only footballers and fans rejoiced at the victory over Orenburg, but also Oleg Malyshev, who was recently appointed general director of the capital’s club. In an interview, he talked about the continuation of the transfer company, the low occupancy of the stands and what he expects from Spartak’s newcomers.

– Can we say that today’s football festival was a success?

– A little validal, but in the end yes, I did it. Congratulations to all on the start of the season. The work will increase.

– What emotions did you experience when Khlusevich scored the third goal?

– Well, I’m still more of a fan than an official, so I felt great joy. For me the most important thing was today’s victory.

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– Khlusevich vividly recalled himself, but now there are rumors that he may leave Spartak. Is there now a substantial conversation about Italy or another league?

– No, but I would very much like him to play for Spartak.

– As for Rogerio, the agent said that Sassuolo refused to sell Spartak due to the conflict in Ukraine. This is true? Is there interest for the player?

– It is difficult for me to comment on the agent’s words, what he meant and what he wanted to say. We really considered this player, negotiated. But for now the negotiations are over.

– No chance?

– I do not see.

– Did Spartak consider anyone else for Rogerio’s place?

— We are considering strengthening options, but it makes sense to talk seriously about a deal only if there is an option that will really strengthen.

– Today Zenit officially announced the transfer of Erakovic. With what emotions did you see this message?

– Without emotions. I think about our players who play for Spartak.

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Do you have the feeling that this Rogerio thing is just throwing more money out? If I didn’t come with an offer with number eight, but came with ten, then would the history of the conflict in Ukraine have been forgotten and the Italians would have tried to sell the player to Spartak?

— I don’t exclude this possibility and I have seen similar cases in the course of other negotiations, when we are used, among other things, to raise costs. But in this particular case, it’s hard for me to comment on what’s in the head of the person who said this. We understood that we were close to agreements, but they made such a decision.

– Did you send an official document about this transfer? Or is all we know about it just from the media?

“At the moment we have just stopped the negotiations. We have no such comments in the documents.

– And how did the suspension of the negotiations come about? Is it possible to return to this application?

“I think it’s impossible at this stage. Sassuolo has informed us that they do not want to give away.

– Are there any consequences after the match with Neftchi for Spartak? Has the behavior of the fans influenced the club?

At the moment, as far as I know, no. There were minimal consequences for the fans, but now everything has been resolved, the fans have been released. We work further.

Theo Bongonda debuted today. Do you like his game? How satisfied are you?

— He’s been training with us relatively recently. It seems to me that she is already showing some level. I really hope that when he joins the team fully, he will be able to give an even better result.

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How satisfied are you with today’s participation?

There were about 10,000 spectators today. Naturally we would like participation to be higher, but we will work on it.

– And how? Do you see the nucleus that will be able to issue a Fan ID, come, pay money and fill the stadium?

– Well, you know that Spartak’s fan base is the largest in Russia. I am convinced of this, despite the words of other colleagues. Of course, there is room for improvement, we will put a lot of effort into it, both in terms of entertainment in the stadium and in terms of a pleasant visit to the arena and good sporting results.

– What number of appearances will satisfy you at the last game of the season?

– We see. But, obviously, 10 thousand is not the result we aim for. There must be more. I don’t want to name a specific number. We all saw that there were more in good matches last season, around 18,000. If the last match will be 25 thousand, then it will be a great result for me.

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“Only three thousand season tickets were sold, less than last year. What is it connected with?

– Actually, this is not true. The math is more complicated there. Last year, those who bought a subscription and issued a Fan ID were even a little less. We are working, indicatively, on last season’s schedule, we hope to be able to increase the sale of season tickets even further.

– Spartak had a video with the best goals. Why didn’t Glushakov get there?

– Not all goals can be hosted. I remember this dance a lot, I’m in love, you can’t put everything into it.

– You did not celebrate Glushakov’s goals and did not even congratulate him on his birthday. What’s the reason?

– It is very difficult to comment, our media service has chosen these targets. We have no likes or dislikes for this player.


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