a generous anonymous donor pledges a donation of 8,000 euros to finance the petanque club of a municipality

The Andouille pétanque association, which has 75 members, wants to improve its infrastructure and create a room to store the equipment, thanks to the donation amount.

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A generous donor has promised to write a check for 8,000 euros to the city of Andouille (Mayenne), on two conditions: to remain anonymous and to finance the local petanque club, reports France Bleu Mayenne on Tuesday 16 May. This Andouille resident wants the town’s petanque club to expand its premises and renovate its grounds.

The mayor, interviewed by France Bleu, learned the news by telephone in February. “I am always very interested and very happy that we can take an interest in our municipality, that we can participate in one way or another in the associative life. A donation, we can only ask for it as mayor!”, welcomes Bernard Lemaître who received the donor. The mayor thanks him and respects his wish to remain anonymous. “Above all, I would like to respect his anonymity as strictly as possible. It is first of all his deep will and of course I find him quite extraordinary, so I must maintain this anonymity.”

The association has 75 members and wants to improve its infrastructure and create a room to store equipment. “Today we need branded tables, to be able to keep our beer tap, our petanque games, even our training games”details to France Bleu the president of Andouille pétanque, Cyrille Philippot. “It will allow us to prepare this project, perhaps in 2024, or even 2025.”

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