A brilliant figure skater from Russia unexpectedly switched to the US flag. He set unique records

The level of national figure skating competitions in our country is incredibly high: in some categories, Russians face more competition than in European championships. Unsurprisingly, the Russian national team simply doesn’t have enough room for all the talent that Russian academies graduate every year. The whole world is now looking for these guys, attracting young people with the opportunity to perform regularly at major international competitions.

Two years ago, Artur Dmitriev also managed to lure abroad. The skater set unique records, but he never managed to get into the national team.

A brilliant athlete was carried away by competitors from the United States.

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Unique skater

Artur Dmitriev Jr. was destined to become an athlete: he was born into the family of two-time Olympic champion in figure skating and world champion in rhythmic gymnastics – Artur Dmitriev and Tatyana Druchinina. It was they who at one time trained the young skater: the father set up the technique for his son, the mother instilled plasticity and taught choreography. Subsequently, other outstanding specialists worked with Russian, including Alexander Zhulin, Elena Buyanova and Alexei Mishin.

The pinnacle of Dmitriev’s youth career came precisely at the time of his work with Mishin. In 2010, the skater was awarded the gold of the Russian junior championship in singles. However, the athlete did not submit to serious international starts – at the World Junior Championships, for example, Arthur never jumped higher than 7th place.

At the adult level, a promising athlete began to lose himself altogether. At the national championship, Dmitriev barely got into the top ten, so he could not even dream of a national team and big tournaments. Things started to pick up for the skater a few years later: in 2016 he won the final of the Russian Cup, and in 2018 he entered the top five of the championship for the first time, earning a place in the national team.

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At the same time, Dmitriev began work on his new feature film – unusual jumps. Yielding to competitors in many criteria, the athlete decided to squeeze the maximum out of his strengths. Soon, Arthur became the first figure skater in history to perform the most difficult combination of triple lutz and triple flip, after which he began to train another unique element – the quadruple axel.

Moving to the United States

However, Dmitriev was not destined to shine in the national team. Having never received invitations to major tournaments, in 2019 the skater suddenly disappeared from the radar. As it became known later, at that time they tried to naturalize the Russian athlete in Croatia. The director general of the national figure skating federation even gave the go-ahead for the transition, but something, it seems, went wrong: two years later, Arthur himself denied any connection with the European state.

For a long time almost nothing was known about Dmitriev, but in 2021 Arthur announced his return to the big sport, but already as … an American figure skater.

– In Russia they didn’t see me as a promising athlete and I got an offer from the American Federation. I thought it was a good option. I performed at the tournament, currently qualifying for the national championship. I am absolutely serious, – said the athlete in an interview with SE.

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unexpected break

At that time, the skater set himself very ambitious goals, not completely discarding the option even with a trip to the Beijing Olympics. Dmitriev believed he could get into the American team, but Arthur failed to fulfill his dream. The athlete completed his debut US championship only in 11th place and announced before the start of last season that he was going to put his career on hold.

– I just decided to take a break for a year. Take a break from it all. Especially now the situation in the world is unstable. I just took a break to figure out what will happen next, – said RIA, quoting Dmitriev.

Arthur assured reporters that he continues to keep fit to get back on the ice anytime after all, once he’s already taken a nearly two-year break. Dmitriev’s wife said last fall that her husband would temporarily focus on the “development of children’s and youth sports” in Russia: the young people moved to Chelyabinsk, where the skater began coaching.

Artur Dmitriev’s social network

Dmitriev continues to practice his figure skating school today. Judging by the social networks of the project, summer camps for Ural boys are now in full swing. Considering the skater’s 30-year-old age and long-standing health problems, it is no longer necessary to believe in his imminent return to elite sports – it seems that a new exciting stage in Arthur’s career has already begun.


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