a boon for French small businesses


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C. Rougerie, J. Weyl, SOLIDEO Nicolas Grosmond, A.Etienne, N.Berthelot – France 2

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500 days before the launch of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the work on construction sites in progress is mobilizing many French companies and creating jobs.

All eyes in the world will be on Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis with its aquatic center and Olympic village. Now under construction, these facilities offer numerous opportunities for small businesses and jobs for employees. A whole network of SMEs has been created to conquer the market and participate in the organization of the Olympic Games. “For an SME, the goal is to industrialize these processes and public procurement also makes it possible to create these new partnerships”explains Jim Pasquet, co-founder of “Pavé”, which produces seats for grandstands.

Nearly 1,500 VSEs and PMIs at the forefront

To date, on already busy markets, nearly 40% are SMEs and SMBs. “Nearly 1,500 VSEs and PMIs work on the Olympic facilities. They come from 85 different departments, so today we really have all of France working here”, deciphers Julie Fournier, SSE and project manager of the circular economy at Solideo. In total, 538 million euros were spent on the Olympic structures from the market with VSE and SMEs.

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