Why defeat in the war will benefit Russia

Many people talking about the fateful significance of the current war with Ukraine for Russia (and is not only Kremlin»but and Donetsk», Malofeevsky» and others warriors»), are confused, speaking in the words of one of heroes of Gaidai’s comedy, their wool with state.

Defeat in this war fate of Russia» a priori nothing threatens, precisely because, as Medvedev rightly noted, her nuclear shield excludes the possibility of occupation, occupation regime and other nonsense that an inflamed imagination draws patriots» and not only them alone. Accordingly, no such scenario in principle not is being considered.

What is the defeat of Russia in this war?

Firstlythis is her failure to achieve initially set maximum goals: change of the political regime in Kyiv, transformation Ukraine de factoa Maybe and de jure in part Big Russia»reaching a long-term agreement with USA and bloc of NATO recognition of the entire territory which the influence of the USSR spread, including Eastern Europe and countries that emerged after the collapse of the USSR, a zone of exclusive Russian interests» With holding on her demilitarization and partial Russification.

SecondlyRussia’s failure to achieve compromise, formally declared goals of the war (minimum program): legalization of the annexation of Crimea and four occupied 2022 regions of Ukraine (in whole or in part) from demilitarization of Ukraine and its non-bloc neutral status.

Thirdlymilitary defeat of the occupying contingent on territory of Ukraine with forced de-occupation of that part of Ukraine that was captured after February 24, 2022, and maybe and all de facto and de jure occupied territories, including Crimea.

Neither about what other defeat of Russia in the military sense of the word is not and children on definition go not maybe up to until she herself will be the first to use nuclear weapons. Only in if the nerves presumptuous players in the Kremlin endure and at them finally strip the thread»for Russia there is an essential threat.

The use of nuclear weapons will not to break with West, like today, ah to the same isolation which everyone talks a lot now, but which is not yet in remember. From there is really a way either to world apocalypse or surrender and nuclear disarmament under the control of international forces.

AND before this defeat of Russia in her the most invented pseudo-domestic war is essentially nothing threatens, which cannot be said about the people who started this war. If Russia loses all the territories it has captured since 2014, it will simply return to status quothat existed since 1991 by 2014 and not Furthermore.

Her nuclear shield as it was, and will remain the guarantor of its inviolability real, and not drawn by a sick imagination nostalgic for youth of the elders of the borders. Moreover, this defeat will have the most positive impact on fate of Russia she will stop wasting her life force on achievement of utopian goals, will stop destroying its gene pool, in including the titular nationality, and so worried best times in demographic sense, and, conversely, will finally get the opportunity to use although the rest of the years oil age»to carry out the modernization maneuver.

Where is the problem with defeat at Russia? She only has those who have to answer per bazaar»in their own language.


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