What spontaneous memorials in memory of the victims of the Russian strike on the Dnieper look like

On January 14, during another shelling of Ukraine, a Russian rocket fell on a nine-story residential building in Dnipro. The attack was one of the deadliest since the start of the war. 45 people died, including six children. Another 20 people are missing. As the SBU found out, the military of the 52nd Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment was behind the attack.

The Russian leadership reacted to the tragedy in the most cynical way. The Ministry of Defense posted a photo of the rocket with the caption: “We are charging it to the full,” and then reported that the goal of the strike on Ukraine was “achieved.” The Kremlin refused to take the blame for the deaths and shifted the responsibility to the Ukrainian air defense.

Meanwhile, spontaneous memorials began to appear in Russian cities in memory of the victims of the missile attack on the Dnieper. People come to the monuments to Ukrainian poets and bring flowers, candles and toys there. The authorities did not like such actions. Police officers were sent to the monuments, who began to detain sympathizers. How people pay tribute to the dead – in frames:

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