What is sovereignty in Putin’s understanding

In his New Year’s greetings, Putin used the concept of “sovereignty” six times, as well as derivatives and related categories. It seems that the Kremlin decided to present sovereignty to society as the main outcome of the war.

In the speech, however, it was also mentioned about new territories, but literally in passing – no emphasis was placed on them. It is understandable, the territories will soon be taken away, and sovereignty is an abstract thing – it either exists or it does not exist – go figure it out. In short, according to Putin, it was precisely for the sake of sovereignty that tens of thousands of Russians had to part with their lives and, judging by the beginning of the year, the same number more will part.

Here it makes sense to clarify what kind of sovereignty this is. What exactly does Putin put into this concept? The fullness of power, as political science textbooks write about? So Putin’s power has long been no one limits. What Putin wants, he does. All these deputies, judges, governors, social activists, media and others – only dutifully assent. So, strictly speaking, in order to achieve full sovereignty, it was not required to invade anywhere.

The whole point is that it is not enough for Putin to assert his sovereignty, he still needs to limit the sovereignty of his neighbors. Please note that he declares the principle of non-interference in the affairs of sovereign states a hundred times a day and right there – without changing his face – a hundred times a day he demands from his neighbors to fulfill his requirements. Ukrainians, for example, do not have the right to join NATO. Why? Because Russia doesn’t want to. And it is Russia, according to Putin, who should decide what language Ukrainians should speak, who should erect what monuments, whose names the streets should be named, and what should be written in their history books. But what about Ukrainian sovereignty? And Russia doesn’t care about him! She has a zone of “vital interests” here.

So, with one hand, the Kremlin approves the Peace of Westphalia – where no one orders it; and the other one is implanting a colonial system, within which Russia is the metropolis, and all the rest stand in front of it in a half-bow. Contradiction? And to hell with him…

There is one more thing that for some reason constantly disappears from the Russian discussion about sovereignty. This is the question of why it is needed. We have it as if such a self-valuable thing turns out. The main thing is that he should be there, and what to do with him next, it seems to be unimportant.

And here it would be very good to ask Putin a question that I once read, in my opinion, from Nietzsche: “I do not ask you what you are free from. I ask, why do you need this freedom? Why does Putin need sovereignty?.. Judging by what is happening, it is solely for the sake of shamelessly imposing his will on others, both his own subjects and neighbors. To steal, to oppress, to enjoy power and property. And that no one interferes.

This is the Russian national idea: “No one dares to argue with Putin!”

For her sake, people die.


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