US general urges to prepare for war with China after presidential election

The head of the Airlift Command, US Air Force General Mike Minehan, suggested that the US and China could go to war over Taiwan in 2025. He indicated this in a memo cited by NBC News.

Minhan recalled that Taiwan and the United States will hold presidential elections in 2024. The US would be “distracted”, he said, and Chinese President Xi Jinping would have the opportunity to organize an offensive against Taiwan.

The General stated the need to create a “strong, ready, integrated and resilient Joint Maneuver Group”. The signed memorandum is addressed to all operational commanders of the Air Force. He is ordered to report to Minikhan by 28 February on efforts to prepare for war with China. He also orders all employees to update their records and emergency contacts.

The document mentions another possibility that the United States is considering in the event of a conflict with China – swarms of drones. Minikhan instructed the units to prepare a hundred serial UAVs.

A spokesman for the US Department of Defense said: “These comments do not represent the department’s view of China.”

A Defense Department spokesperson said, “The National Defense Strategy makes clear that China is a top priority for the Department of Defense, and we look forward to working closely with allies and partners to maintain a peaceful, free and open Indo-Pacific.” focused on doing.” Patrick Ryder.

After the end of the civil war and the creation of the PRC in 1949, the PRC effectively no longer controls Taiwan, but China considers the island an integral part.

In October, Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed to combat separatism in Taiwan, which Beijing considers its territory. He said mainland China is seeking “peaceful reunification” with the island, but may use force. In parallel, Xi Jinping announced plans to modernize China’s People’s Liberation Army by 2027. The US CIA believes that Beijing plans to establish military control over Taiwan by that date.

Asked in early January whether a Chinese invasion of Taiwan was imminent, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said: “What we’ve been seeing lately is very provocative behavior on the part of Chinese forces.”

“But does this mean that an invasion is imminent? I seriously doubt it,” the minister summarized.

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