Up to 10,000 people are planning to come to Belarus. “Wagnerians”.

Up to 10,000 PMC Wagner mercenaries have arrived or are planning to arrive in Belarus, a so-called member of the “command council” with the “Marki” call sign said in a statement. It was posted on the Wagner Unloading telegram channel close to the organization.

“Marks” reported that a total of 78,000 people fought in Ukraine. Wagner fighters, including 49,000 prisoners. At the end of May, after the capture of Bachmut, PMC losses were to amount to 22,000. killed and 40,000 wounded.

This means that 25,000 people are left “alive and healthy”. Of them and the wounded who were healed, “up to 10,000 left and are leaving for Belarus,” said the commander of “Wagner”. 15,000 people went on holiday.

“Marks” commented on the statement of the State Duma deputy Vladimir Shamanov, who said that 32-33 thousand. PKW mercenaries signed contracts with the Ministry of Defence.

“I still don’t know how those 33,000 people who went into the military formed. If all those killed and those who went on vacation signed contracts, then it is possible. You can’t argue with that,” he added.

Evgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the NEC, said earlier that in total they managed to recruit 50,000 prisoners, of whom about 20% died in the war with Ukraine. About a week before the uprising, he said that 32,000 had returned to Russia from the front. convicts.

Wagner columns began arriving in July at a field camp near the town of Osipowicze in Belarus. According to the Belarus Gayun project, only on July 18, three columns of the PMC Wagner, numbering 1,400-1,500 people, arrived in Belarus in civilian vehicles. In total, from July 11, the number of mercenaries who have arrived in Belarus may reach 2,500 people. The Ministry of Defense of Belarus confirmed the participation of Wagner instructors in training units of the Republic’s territorial forces in various military disciplines, including tactical shooting, engineering training, combat skills and tactical medicine.

The mercenaries left the main PMC Wagner base in Molkino in the Krasnodar Territory. A few days ago, a video about this appeared on channels related to the company. According to them, the base in Kuban, which has been operating since 2014, will cease to exist from August 1.

The commander of the Wagner PMC, Dmitry Utkin, after whose call sign the company was named, thanked the mercenaries who agreed to move to Belarus after the mutiny. He welcomed the militants who were handed the PMC flag from the Molkino military training ground near the town of Goryachiy Klyuch near Krasnodar. With him, Prigozhin appeared in the video. He appealed to the mercenaries to “get ready”, raise the level, and after some time go to continue PMC activities in Africa or to the front in Ukraine.


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