Ukraine struck five Russian regions and occupied Berdyansk

Five regions of Russia were attacked by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the night of June 2.

The Smolensk region was attacked for the first time, where two long-range drones targeted an oil refinery in the village of Peresna in the Pochinkov region and a gas distribution station in the village of Divasy in the Smolensk region.

“There are no casualties or injuries. There are also no critical damages and fires, ”wrote Vasily Anokhin, acting governor of the Smolensk region, on his telegram channel.

In Kursk, the air defense system shot down “several Ukrainian drones,” said the head of the Kursk region, Roman Starovoyt. “We ask the people of Kursk to remain calm, the city is under the reliable protection of our military,” he said.

However, according to the Shot telegram channel, there were about seven explosions, and almost all of them sounded in the city – in the area of ​​Pobeda, Karl Marx and the railway station. As a result of the drone attack, a five-story apartment building was damaged – an unknown object flew into the entrance to the house on Soyuznaya Street, Baza writes.

In the Bryansk region, two villages – Lomakova and Novaya Pogoshch – were fired by the APU, governor Alexander Bogomaz said. Houses in both settlements caught fire. There were no casualties.

In the Belgorod region, “around two o’clock in the morning in the Shebekistan region” shelling from Ukraine continued, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov wrote on his Telegram channel. Two women were killed during shelling of a section of the road in the village of Masłowa Pristan – shell fragments hit passing cars. Two more people received shrapnel wounds and were hospitalized in serious condition.

The day before, the region was subjected to massive shelling, which led to a mass evacuation of residents of the border town of Shebekino and other border settlements. According to Gładkow, there are over 2.5 thousand people in temporary apartments. people.

In the Kirov region of the Kaluga region, an “unidentified object” fell and exploded in the forest, said Governor Wladyslaw Szapsza. “Business facilities and residential buildings were not damaged” – he stressed. The day before, a fallen drone had already been found in the region.

Also in Russian-occupied Berdyansk, the seaport was hit. According to Vladimir Rogov, a representative of the administration of the Zaporizhia region appointed by Moscow, there are no casualties or damage. He noted that the explosions occurred as a result of the interception of anti-aircraft missiles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. At the same time, eyewitnesses reported plumes of smoke in the harbor area.

In turn, Russian troops that night attacked Kiev and the Kiev region. According to the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, 21 Shahed attack drones and 15 cruise missiles were shot down over Kiev. Two people, including an 11-year-old boy, were injured. Five private homes were damaged by falling debris. In three houses, the damage is minor – broken windows, cut facades. Fires broke out in two more, they have already been extinguished, according to the office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.


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