Ukraine, following Russia, began to send mobilized people to the front without preparation

Mobilized Ukrainians complained about incomplete training. Some of them were trained for only a few days instead of the legal 30, writes the BBC Russian Service.

Mobilized from the security company of the recruiting center, he said that immediately after calling ehe was trained for only one day – at shooting ranges lying down with other players. At the same time, the doctor of the 38th Air Force Joint Training Center stated that he was unsuitable for military training due to his low weight, but the military medical commission insisted on the opposite.

Three weeks later, the company was sent to the 93rd Brigade in the east for further training. “The documents listed me as a medic shooter. We arrived. They went there all day in full gear. After a few days of physical exertion, I began to lose consciousness,” said the reservist.

In a similar situation, according to him, there were at least eight more mobilized from the security company of the recruitment center. After talking to five of them, journalists learned that only one person had previously served in the army, and another was at the front in Bakhmut. The rest had no military experience.

They all voluntarily left the unit and asked the command to provide them with full training so that they could then resume their service. Then mobilization he was sent to the 58th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade. They’ve been there for several weeks now.

Military, who served in the same combat brigade with other recruits also confirmed to the publication that not all of them received the necessary training. “If you only have three days and 15 rounds each instead of a month of training on the training ground, it will cost someone their lives. At such a time, you can’t even teach an intern in a cafe, ”he said.

The Public Relations Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in response to a request, indicated that the situation in Bakhmut “requires urgent staff reinforcement.” At the same time, they emphasized that “servicemen who have not undergone appropriate training are not immediately sent to the battle line, but undergo adaptation and additional practical training in second-level units.”

Basic training in the Armed Forces of Ukraine should last 30 days. Another 14-40 days are needed to master the military specialty. Infantry fighters are trained in training centers, which are called training grounds.

According to the testimonies of the mobilized, the time and quality of training varies significantly from branch to branch. For example, in some brigades, active combatants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or foreign specialists from the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada conduct checks. And in others, instead of training, mobilized people are forced to clean the area or paint the walls.

The fact that Ukraine sent newly mobilized troops to Bakhmut to retain well-trained fighters for a counteroffensive was reported on May 25 by The Wall Street Journal.

In particular, journalists talked about the fighters of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade, who were recruited from among the unemployed in the Kharkiv region. After mobilization, they were equipped with Soviet weapons and sent first to Konstantinówka and then to Bachmut.

The material also presents the story of a group of 16 of them who defended Bakhmut, “many of whom had been drafted a few days earlier and had not received any training.” In 36 hours of hostilities, 11 of these fighters were killed or captured.

In March, Lieutenant Colonel Anatoly Kozel, the commander of the airborne battalion, told The Washington Post about problems with the training of those mobilized in Ukraine, after which he was demoted.


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