UK and Netherlands to convene international conference for Russian war crimes tribunal

British Justice Minister Dominic Raab and his Dutch counterpart Dylan Jeschilgez-Zegerius will host a conference where justice ministers from around the world will be able to support the International Criminal Court (ICC) investigation into Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine. The meeting is scheduled for March and will be held in London, according to CNN, citing the British government.

“Nearly a year after the illegal invasion, the international community must lend its strongest support to the ICC to hold war criminals accountable for the atrocities we are witnessing,” Raab said.

The purpose of the meeting should be to increase financial and practical support for the court “so that it has everything it needs to conduct investigations and prosecute those responsible,” the UK government said in a statement.

ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan will speak at the meeting in London. He will talk about the work of the court and “the role of the international community in supporting its investigations.”

The ICC has been investigating Russian war crimes in Ukraine since early March. However, he cannot deal with the accusation of the crime of aggression, on which the top leadership of Russia could be held accountable for the very unleashing of the war. The creation of a separate tribunal to investigate the crime of aggression was proposed the day before by former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. His proposal has already been supported in the political circles of the country.

“As for attempts to establish some kind of tribunals, they will not have any legitimacy, will not be accepted by us and will be condemned by us,” Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on reports of attempts to hold Russia accountable.


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