Three servicemen died in the Belgorod region due to a grenade explosion

In the Belgorod region, a serviceman blew up a grenade on the territory of his location. Three soldiers were killed, at least 10 were injured, writes Baza.

According to her, the incident took place in the building of the rural house of culture on the Tonenkoye farm, where the Russian military were stationed. One of them blew up an RGD-5 grenade. After that, ammunition detonated in the building and a fire started. It was put out by the firemen who arrived.

Information about the fire and 10 victims was confirmed by emergency services. According to the 112 telegram channel, the explosion was carried out on January 14 by a senior sergeant and platoon commander, whose name was not released. The fire area was 450 square meters. Because of this, the ammunition that was in the weapons storage room detonated. The channel reports three dead, 16 injured and 8 missing. A criminal case has been initiated.



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