“There will be many more fights.” Ukraine’s allies have shifted the focus from delivering weapons to repairing them

The United States and its allies are actively setting up repair centers for military equipment supplied to Ukraine, translating manuals and arranging shipments of spare parts, William Laplante, director of purchasing at the Pentagon, told Politico. The focus has largely shifted from the supply of weapons to getting them back in working order and getting them back to combat quickly, the paper notes: In the West, they realize the war will continue for months, if not years.

Ensuring the operation of military equipment to allow Ukraine to successfully continue its offensive has become one of the core tasks of the 22-country working group, which includes the US, UK, Poland, Germany, etc. According to Laplante, representatives of the group monitor the performance of each equipment in real time and regularly talk to Ukrainians about their needs: “What else do they need? Can we supply more parts?

Supply lines have already been organized for the 4,000 sought-after components for the heterogeneous equipment that Kiev received from the US, UK, France, Poland, Germany and many other countries. The Americans also translated into Ukrainian over 700 technical manuals of various combat systems.

Artillery in this war is used with an intensity that the Western military and manufacturers did not count on, so some complexes begin to fail earlier than expected. Ukrainian specialists learned how to make some weapon components on a 3D printer, Laplante said: “They just print them there in their country. In the beginning, they were taken apart and the fact that these components did not last as long as the original ones did not bother them, because they were needed quickly.

This is still the initial phase of the counter-offensive, “there will be a lot of fighting,” General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Tuesday.


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