The wizards of normalization, or the screaming silence of agents of Putin’s influence

While people express is quiet,

  • cannibals crush each other;
  • journalists who have fled the country are trying to normalize what is happening, repeating in vain what they did while working in Erefia;
  • armed men terrify the rest of the world by killing other people’s children and yesterday’s accomplices.

Scottish Chubai at the age of one and a half years

On June 10, an interesting publication appeared on the website of one of the Russian economic magazines. Author – Candidate of Economic Sciences AB Chubais, independent scientist from Glasgow (UK). The article is devoted to the era of the so-called non-payment in the 1990s, the era of Gaidar and Chubais’s economic reforms. In this article, Chubais admits (as it seems for the first time) that the so-called the team of reformers then made mistakes, which later led to even more sad consequences. One gets the impression that AB Chubais and his Scottish supporters believe that the moment of remorse has passed by itself and you can try again, and dance not from the head of Rosnano and Putin’s adviser on sustainable development, but – returning to the field from thirty years ago – in the candidate’s box economic sciences.

This publication was published a year and a half after Anatoly Chubais left the Russian Federation. Did he do it in protest against the massive attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022? He didn’t tell anyone about it. Or does it act as a lodger for those who will fight, fight, and then need help from Glasgow economics candidates?

There were rumors that some time after Chubais from the Russian Federation, just like Chubais, who left a high position, another well-known representative of Putin’s liberal circle left the Russian Federation. But Alexei Kudrin, patron of liberal education, refuted this slander. No, he is still in Moscow and is busy with large and useful business projects in the interests of the state and society, although he left the post of chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation.

The silence and shadow from which the liberal accomplices of the Putin regime do not leave can be explained practically: they know the rule of the Putin-Prigozhin society with its hammer, poisons, firearms and natural disasters.

Under these conditions, it is difficult to demand any statement from Chubais. A person who supported the destruction of Chechnya and the annexation of Crimea, if he was afraid, it was only for himself and his immediate surroundings. It’s not enough to keep the public’s interest in him.

Sergei Karaganov and “white cultured people”

And yet, Chubais’s behavior clearly clashes with other relocators who fight for normalization, for treating Russian politicians, at least abroad, as worthy interlocutors. Across Europe, there are still dozens of agents of Putin’s influence in the most powerful positions in their countries. These people, these Western politicians are elected in democratic elections, and if they allow it, there may be immigrants from Russia there be quiet in your society, keep silent for the benefit Russia-whatever-it-wasn’tthat is, all together they are waiting not for the imaginary defeat of the Russian Federation in its aggression against Ukraine, but, on the contrary, for a respite to speak up again on behalf of the current regime of the Russian Federation, with Putin or not, it doesn’t even matter.

They are waiting for normalization.

If only the state was preserved. Of course, it would be better without Prigozhin and Kadyrov, but to keep him. With Mishustin or Naryshkin, with Patrushev or Kiriyenko, with anyone, if only the world would start talking to the Russian Federation again. If only everything is here forgotten like a bad dream.

The coalition of Sergei Karaganov’s opponents in the SVOP – Council for Foreign Policy also operates under this program. (not to be confused with SVO). Karaganov called for atomic bombs to be dropped on London and Paris. His articles are published under juicy headlines.

First: “The use of nuclear weapons can save humanity from a global catastrophe.”

Then: “There is no choice: Russia will have to launch a nuclear attack on Europe.”

Well, scared? Excellent, now we give back, in strength equal to the recognition of the candidate of economic sciences Chubais. A group of SWOP members with a human face come out with the statement: “No, no, our comrade got excited. No preemptive nuclear strike!”

Only you keep us sovereign over our country! We will not destroy you so that you will not be left alone with those who are out there in the global south!

There is a phrase that betrays the entire attitude of the modern Russian Federation to its only remaining potential ally – the anti-American south.

The authors of the letter are not fully familiar with Russian grammar, they do not know exactly what the subjunctive is, so they make wonderful confessions:

“For our country, devastated by such a catastrophe, for our nation, disorganized by such a war, it would also mean the prospect of losing its sovereignty under the pressure of the surviving peoples of the South.”

Playing evil (Karaganov with a nuclear hammer) and good (authors and signatories of the letter), the potential interlocutors of the West in the Russian Federation show the same skills as the candidate of economic sciences Chubais. Yes:

“Let’s quickly return to common values, otherwise the “surviving peoples of the South” will devour us and you. We are still white cultured people just like you! Hurry, save us, and Karaganov will take back his words. We need peace!”

real Wagner

Finally, the holders of the Wagner name in Germany, in Bayreuth, came forward in defense of “civilized Russia.” So far, the media presence of the musician’s name in the military-political Gezamtkunstwerk of Eastern Europe has not affected the family. But as soon as Yevgeny Prigozhin’s attempt failed, with Putin himself declaring that the Wagner group never legally existed, Katarina Wagner, head of the Bayreuth family business, made an indignant statement. Katarina Wagner condemned the abuse of the name of the composer and her family by Yevgeny Prigozhin and other founders of PKW.

Katarina Wagner did not explain why it was not until July 14, 2023 that she started talking about the inadmissibility of using the name of the composer and the festival she runs by the criminal Yevgeny Prigozhin (or maybe she whispered in her ear that the brand thieves had already been finished off?). The fact remains that the real Wagner family is relieved to see the standardization and even the innovation of their company.

In Israel and Montenegro, Kazakhstan and Germany, France and Russia, the voices of waiting normalizers are getting louder, even as their owners calmly quiet.

This is deceptive silence.


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