The United States will allocate $ 1.3 billion to Ukraine for anti-aircraft and anti-aircraft systems

US President Joe Biden’s administration will announce its intention to purchase $1.3 billion worth of military aid for Kiev in the coming days, two US officials reported.

The weapons package includes air defense, anti-drone systems, explosive drones and munitions, one of the agency’s sources said.

The United States uses funds from the Ukraine Security Initiative (USAI) program, which allows the administration of President Joe Biden to purchase weapons from manufacturers rather than from its own US stockpile. Among the equipment the United States plans to buy for Kiev is an air defense system made by L3Harris Technologies (LHX.N) called “Vehicle-Agnostic Modular Palletized ISR Rocket Equipment,” or VAMPIRE, one official said. Also on the list are two different types of localized aircraft, the “Phoenix Ghost” drone, built by California-based private company AVEVEX, and the “Switchblade” made by AeroVironment Inc (AVAV.O).

In addition, a Reuters source familiar with the situation said that Ukraine will receive a significant number of anti-drone systems manufactured by the Australian company DroneShield Ltd (DRO.AX), as well as radars, sensors and analytical systems.

Deliveries of weapons and systems depend on their availability and production time. Package content and cost may also change prior to announcement.

Under the USAI program, the Pentagon provided Ukraine with more than $10.8 billion in military aid in fiscal year 2023 in seven separate tranches. The planned package will be the eighth. In the fiscal year ended September 30, 2022, Washington used $6.3 billion in USAI funds to purchase defense supplies for Ukraine.


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