The United States announces a new $400 million military aid package for Ukraine

The Pentagon allocated another $400 million for military aid to Ukraine. The agency announced the new package on Tuesday, July 25.

The announced aid for Kiev is the 43rd package during the rule of President Joe Biden. It will contain additional air defense ammunition, artillery shells, armored vehicles and anti-tank weapons.

The U.S. Department of Defense stresses that the aid package included weapons already available in U.S. military depots, including:

  • 32 Stryker armored personnel carriers;
  • missiles for the Patriot and NASAMS complexes;
  • missiles for MLRS HIMARS;
  • Stinger portable anti-aircraft systems;
  • Javelin anti-tank missile systems;
  • artillery shells of caliber 155 and 105 mm;
  • missiles for TOW anti-tank systems;
  • Hydra-70 airborne missiles;
  • about 28 million rounds for small arms;

Meanwhile, Washington is reconsidering the prospects for ending the Russo-Ukrainian war. If earlier the US authorities hoped that the success of the counter-offensive would force the Russian Federation to make concessions in the negotiations, now the White House is preparing for a prolonged confrontation, writes The Wall Street Journal, citing Western officials.

While the development poses some internal political problems for President Joe Biden, the White House will not turn down long-term aid to Ukraine, officials and experts say. If Russia wins even a partial victory, “it will be a strategic failure of Biden’s foreign policy, dwarfing even the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan,” John Herbst, the former US ambassador to Ukraine, told the paper.

The US will probably have to come to terms with the fact that the war in Ukraine will not end soon, and together with its allies, it must prepare to supply it with weapons for years, said a Western diplomat in Washington. “The only real answer is the mobilization of industry, which will make Ukrainians and Russians realize that Ukraine will always have everything it needs,” he believes.


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