The state language of Moldova will be renamed Romanian

The Moldovan parliament approved the renaming of the state language from Moldovan to Romanian. In the second reading, 58 deputies out of 101 voted in favour, – said the speaker Igor Grosu.

According to the amendment, the expression “Moldovan language” in all legal acts is replaced by the expression “Romanian language”. The same applies to the words “state language”, “official” and “native language”. The text “operating on the basis of the Latin alphabet”, which was considered obsolete, was excluded from the Constitution.

The bill was initiated by the ruling Action and Solidarity party, which has 63 seats in parliament. The opposition bloc of communists and socialists was against it. On March 2, the document was adopted at first reading, and the vote was accompanied by a scandal. ABOUTOpposition MPs brought posters calling for a referendum and early parliamentary elections, the protest ended in a brawl.

In the Declaration of Independence of Moldova, Romanian is listed as the state language. On this basis, in In 2013, the Constitutional Court decided that this should be official, although under the Constitution Moldovan based on the Latin alphabet is considered the state language of the country – this version is similar to Romanian. At the same time, the republic’s schools and universities teach the Romanian language, Moldovan based on the Cyrillic alphabet is taught only in the unrecognized Transnistria.


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