The State Duma will begin to check laws for compliance with “traditional values”

The State Duma has created a working group that will deal with the “expert assessment” of bills for compliance with the presidential decree on “traditional values,” Vedomosti writes, citing a source in the lower house of parliament.

The idea of ​​creating a group was proposed by the former Commissioner for Children’s Rights Anna Kuznetsova from United Russia, she will also lead it, says the source of the publication. The regulation on the working group has not yet been approved, as it is going to be amended. State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin proposed making Kuznetsova’s deputies in this group representatives from different factions.

In total, the group will have 22 deputies from five Duma factions, half of which are United Russia members. In particular, the group included: Tatyana Butskaya, Alexander Sholokhov (both – “United Russia”), Nikolai Burlyaev, Elena Drapeko, Dmitry Gusev (all – “Fair Russia”), Nina Ostanina (KPRF), Boris Chernyshov (LDPR) , Dmitry Pevtsov (“New people”), etc.

The group is expected to meet at least once every three months. At them, the deputies will be engaged in the “examination” of bills, analyze problems and risks in the field of “traditional values” and law enforcement practice.

“An analysis will be carried out of the bills that come to the State Duma, as well as those legal documents that have already been adopted,” deputy Chernyshov said. According to MP Gusev, Russia’s main problem is that “we are dying out.” “To restore numbers, each family must have four children,” he explained the need for “traditional values.”

On November 9, 2022, President Putin signed a decree approving the foundations of the state policy for the preservation and strengthening of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values. “The ideological and psychological impact on citizens leads to the planting of a system of ideas and values ​​that is alien to the Russian people and destructive to Russian society, including the cultivation of selfishness, permissiveness, immorality, and the rejection of the ideals of patriotism,” the decree says.

In this regard, Putin instructed the authorities to preserve “traditional values”, involve civil society institutions in measures to preserve them and exercise control over them. “The group will have a lot of work related to both legislative support for the implementation of the decree and monitoring law enforcement practice,” says Konstantin Kostin, head of the Civil Society Development Foundation, adding that the protection of “traditional values” is one of Putin’s policy priorities.


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