The State Duma proposed to send stray dogs to war

Stray dogs should be trained in “various skills” and sent to the front in Ukraine to help the wounded and clear mines, said State Duma deputy from Yakutia Fedot Tumusov.

“We have many cynologists in the country who can teach dogs various skills … Cynologists train large and aggressive dogs and send them to the NWO zone – let them help in pulling out the wounded, participate in mine clearance. And as the experience of the Great Patriotic War shows, they can also be involved in other matters,” Tumusov said.

The deputy’s proposal was made in the context of discussions in the State Duma on amendments to the law “On the responsible treatment of animals”, which give the regions the right to independently determine the procedure for dealing with stray animals. They also allow euthanasia of stray dogs.

In the first reading, the document was supported by 310 deputies out of 450, 31 deputies were against adopting the amendments. The authors of the project were 16 MPs from the United Russia, A Just Russia – For Truth, New People and LDPR factions. The government has already supported the initiative.

If the act is adopted, regional authorities will be able to establish a policy towards stray animals “taking into account the specific geographical, climatic, socio-economic and other regions” – we read in the justification to the document.

He also emphasizes that decisions about events should be made “taking into account the position of citizens”, and that the last word belongs to the highest official – the voivode.

According to the authors of the draft, changes in the regulations will help ensure the safety and legitimate interests of citizens, as well as protect animals from unlawful activities and cruel treatment. The law “does not cancel the existing system and does not close the shelters,” said Dmitry Kobylkin, head of the State Duma Committee on Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

The initiative was criticized by the head of A Just Russia, Sergey Mironov, calling it “Zhivoderski”. According to him, the bill was adopted “due to the negligence of officials.” The document has already “provoked the massacre of homeless animals,” said Andrei Klishas, ​​head of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Construction.

“Not all animals are aggressive. They come, they shoot, they poison. In these backyards, dogs die in front of the residents, children in agony. This definitely requires some sort of response,” Klishas said.


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