The State Duma offered students a sabbatical to participate in the war in Ukraine

Students are allowed to take sabbatical leave to go to war in Ukraine. This initiative was put forward by the first vice-chairman of the State Duma’s Education Committee, Yana Lantratova.

The deputy wrote an appeal to the Minister of Science and Higher Education Valery Falkov, RT reports. In it, Lantratova explained that there was a growing number of students who wanted to go on sabbaticals to become volunteers at the front.

However, this procedure has a number of limitations, notes the deputy. According to it, leave is granted to students for health, family and other reasons for a period not longer than two years. This wording creates difficulties for students who want to go to Ukraine, Lantratova noted. She called for a separate indication as one of the grounds for their participation in the war.

In addition, the deputy proposed that being on sabbatical leave due to going to war should be indefinite until its end.

“In view of the above, I am asking you, dear Valery Nikolayevich, to consider the possibility of introducing these changes to the departmental regulatory acts and to present the ministry’s position on this matter,” reads Lantratova’s letter.

The Russian army, which according to the US lost as many as 223,000 during the war year people, he needs volunteers at the front. As Bloomberg wrote in March, the Kremlin demanded that the Ministry of Defense attract 400,000. contract troops and issued the appropriate orders to the regions.

A broad campaign began throughout Russia to attract volunteers to the front. The Ministry of Defense makes propaganda films in which it calls on potential military men to be men”and conclude a contract with the military department. Volunteers are promised to pay from 204 thousand rubles a month.


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