The State Duma is going to give the “heroes” of the war in Ukraine land for peasant farms

Participants in the war in Ukraine, who will be awarded the title of Hero of Russia, will receive land plots for farming free of charge and will be able to pass them on by inheritance, Vedomosti writes with reference to the relevant bill of State Duma deputies.

“We have about 600 Heroes in our country [России]some of them have already taken advantage of the preferential provision of land, but some have not yet exercised their right, besides, there are families where the hero did not use this right during his lifetime, ”explained one of the authors of the bill, State Duma deputy Yulia Ogloblina.

At the moment, land plots can only be provided for individual housing construction, gardening and horticulture, as well as personal subsidiary plots, the explanatory note to the document says. The new bill proposes to allow participants in the war to receive free land in the property for the implementation of the peasant economy.

The deputies also want to secure the right to free land for the relatives of the “hero” in the event of his death, even if during his lifetime he could not get the land in his ownership. The right to the site will be transferred in order of priority – from the spouse to children over 18 years of age and parents.

Each region will have to prescribe the exact procedure for granting land to the “heroes” on its own. The size of the plots must be determined “in accordance with land legislation.”

Now, when participants in the war in Ukraine receive land plots, difficulties often arise due to their location, says a member of the public council under the Ministry of Defense, military expert Vyacheslav Kalinin. “We often see a picture when land objects are offered far from roads and points of connection to gas, electricity, etc. Therefore, of course, issues related to quality sites located in a developed infrastructure are very important,” the expert said.

As part of the spring session in the State Duma, which begins today, January 16, the deputies will consider issues of supporting the participants in the war in Ukraine and their families, Kommersant writes, citing representatives of the Duma factions. Issues of indexation of pensions for working pensioners and initiatives in the healthcare sector will recede into the background.

Earlier, the authorities guaranteed the status of combat veterans to all participants in the war in Ukraine. They will receive the same social guarantees that the combatants in Syria and Chechnya have. In particular, they will be compensated 50% of the payment for housing and communal services, exempt from property tax and land tax on a plot of six acres, will be provided with free or reduced travel on public transport, rest in a sanatorium twice a year and free medicines. Also, all participants in the war will be paid monthly 3,418 rubles, and upon retirement, they will receive a 32% bonus.


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