The State Duma demanded that Sberbank’s neural network be checked for Russophobia

The leader of the faction A Just Russia – For the Truth, Sergei Mironov, filed a complaint with the Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov against the neural network of Kandinsky’s Sberbank. According to him, it generates anti-Russian content that creates a negative image of the country.

As an example, the MP posted some photos created at his request. “Russian, “Russia”, “Russian” and even “Flag of Russia”, “Flag of the Russian Federation” has an image in the colors of the flag of the Russian Federation, consisting of three stripes that were never generated. At the same time, asking for the “flag of Ukraine” and the “flag of America”, the photos fully correspond to the colors and design of the flags of these countries, Mironov said.

In addition, according to the MP, the colors of the Ukrainian flag predominate in the photos with the questions “Donbass is Russia” and “I love Donbass”; and the phrase “I’m Patriot-Z” was illustrated with “an image of a zombie-like creature.”

In this regard, Mironov asks Krasnov to check the activities of PJSC Sberbank for the development of Kandinsky and the intended use of funds for this project. The SRZP leader also wants the head of the General Prosecutor’s Office to find out whether the content generated by the neural network complies with applicable regulations.

According to Mironov, during the creation of Kandinsky, the “development” of unfriendly “states waging an information war against Russia” was used, while nothing was done to correct it. He believes that the contractors involved in the project should be checked.

Sber released a new version of its Kandinsky neural network 2.1 on April 4. Within a week, more than 10 million images were generated, and the number of unique users reached 2 million.

The neural network is able to create high-quality images based on their text description within a few seconds. It can also mix multiple drawings, change them on demand, generate similar images, fill in missing parts and create images in unlimited canvas mode (inpainting / outpainting). Kandinsky 2.1 understands queries in 101 languages ​​and can draw in different styles.


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