The State Duma adopted a law on labor education in schools

The State Duma adopted the third and final reading Bill on the compulsory involvement of schoolchildren in “socially useful work” without parental consent.

According to the document, educational organizations will have the right to use students to clean and beautify the area. At the same time, the age and psychophysical characteristics of adolescents should be taken into account.

Work is underway to amend the Education Act. It will “improve” the concept of “education”, which will be supplemented by “education of diligence” and “responsible attitude to work”. In addition, the bill will specify that schools must “promote student volunteering”.

One of the authors of the amendments, Mr.The chairwoman of the Duma Committee on Education, Olga Kazakova, stressed that teenagers “already at school should form a sense of personal involvement in the matter and responsibility for its outcome” with such everyday skills as “the ability to organize, keep the classroom clean.”

“And if there is a school theater, the children can create the scenery and costumes themselves. The gym is equipped with equipment used by students. And collecting after school, disassembling such equipment, monitoring its safety is a completely correct and accessible thing for schoolchildren, ”Kazakova noted.

In addition, “socially useful work” means planting trees and flowers on the school grounds, helping in the library and museum, patronage over veterans, helping older generations, and taking care of monuments and the Eternal Flames.

According to Kazakov, “such moments as well as the issues of maintaining cleanliness and order in educational institutions should not depend on the willingness or unwillingness of anyone.”

Earlier, the chairman of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, said that “if parents want their child to grow up to be a real citizen, he must have a positive attitude towards work, and only through work can one develop an attitude towards many issues that will have to be solved later.”

According to the Marshal of the Sejm, in this way teenagers will be able to eradicate the “consumerist” attitude to life and instil in them a love of science. “The child will grow up differently. Harmony will come,” Volodin said.


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