The Russians were promised an electric car based on the “Loaf” of the 60s

In Russia, they began to develop an electric car based on the UAZ-452 SUV, known as “Loaf”, Mikhail Demuria, Chairman of the Association for the Development of Electric Vehicles Rustranselectro, told TASS.

The creation is carried out by the Crimean enterprise Elkafa. Currently, “research and development work” is underway. “Elcafa” promises to introduce the serial version of the novelty in the summer of 2023.

The transmission of the car will be made completely electric, while a gasoline generator can be installed in the engine compartment if the electric car is sent to places where there is no charging. In addition, for cold regions, they want to provide an option for fuel heating of the passenger compartment.

“The electric motor with the existing inverter develops a power of 104 hp. s., the starting torque is 320 N * m, ”said Demuria. The mass of the car will increase by 40 kg. The electric motor will be placed instead of the standard internal combustion engine, the traction battery 1.7 meters long will be placed in the cabin under the seats. The battery capacity will be 39 kWh, it will be enough for 300 km in the warm season. Demuria added that such a UAZ-452 would cost about 2 million rubles in the case of a subsidy from the Ministry of Industry and Trade and 3 million without it.

SUV to be tested in spring “in the conditions of the mountainous and steppe Crimea”. “Electric loaf”including a set of components, are going to certify. This will allow you to sell kits not only for UAZ-452 owners, so that they can convert them into electric vehicles themselves, but also deliver them to factories.

The development of the new battery will be funded by a grant from Federal Fund for the Development of Innovations. The task is to localize the project in Russia as much as possible. For now, the new battery uses imported cells, but its management is entirely domestic, Demuria said. Subsequently, cells are planned to be created in cooperation with the Lipetsk plant.

UAZ-452 is one of the oldest car models currently produced in the world. She appeared in 1965 to replace UAZ-450. In the 70s, they already tried to make an electric car out of the Loaf. The Ulyanovsk plant produced about 100 pieces, but things did not go any further. In 2007, the Soviet SUV minibus was once again upgraded to supply ambulances to the regions as part of the national Health project.

If successful, the creators of the “electric loaf” plan to interest businesses in it, including large companies such as Rosseti.


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