The Russian military will increase salaries by 10%

The Ministry of Defense proposed to increase the salaries of military personnel and employees of some government bodies by 10.5% from October 1, 2023, Parliamentary Newspaper reports.

The department is developing a corresponding draft government decree. In addition to employees of the Ministry of Defense, also employees of the internal affairs bodies, the Russian Guard, the Federal Penitentiary Service, the FSB, the FSO and the Foreign Intelligence Service are considered military personnel.

The government has already included the indexation of military salaries in this amount in the budget, RBC wrote. At the same time, the indexation of the salaries of military personnel will almost double the increase in the salaries of officials.

In addition, at the end of 2022, the Ministry of Defense proposed to increase the salaries of the heads of the military and other subordinate enterprises. The agency plans to increase the maximum allowable gap in wages between the heads of enterprises and ordinary employees by one and a half times.

So if now The salary of enterprise managers cannot exceed the salary of an ordinary employee by five times, the Ministry of Defense proposes to increase this ratio to eight.

The order concerns the heads of military factories, various state and unitary enterprises, cadet schools, officers’ houses and other enterprises subordinate to the Ministry of Defense.

President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the annual meeting of the Ministry of Defense, said that the government would support any initiative of the military.

“The country, the government give everything that the army asks. Everything. I hope that the answer will be properly formulated and the corresponding results will be achieved,” the President said.

In 2023-2025, the government plans to increase spending on national defense, national security and law enforcement. Expenses under this item will increase to 4.981 trillion rubles – by 43% compared to the amount included in the 3-year budget adopted a year ago.


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