The ruling Amanat party in Kazakhstan received 53.46% of the vote in the parliamentary elections

ALMA ATA, March 20 (Reuters) – Kazakhstan’s ruling Amanat party won 53.46% of the vote in Sunday’s early parliamentary elections, according to a poll conducted by the Eurasian Institute for Integration.

The second place was taken by the Auyl party with 10.21% of the votes, the third place was taken by the Republic – 8.79%, Ak Zhol (Bright Path) – 8.21%, NPK – 6.89%, OSDP – 4.91% and Baitak – 2.17%.

4.40% of Kazakhstan voted against all candidates.

The early elections are aimed at maintaining political stability in the face of global turmoil and after last year’s political unrest, the bloodiest in the country’s history.

Kazakhstan’s parliament was last elected in 2021, and a significant proportion of seats are now held by deputies from the pro-government Amanat party, formerly Nur-Otan, previously led by Nazarbayev.

In parliamentary elections, 30% of deputies are elected in single-seat constituencies, while the remaining 70% are nominated from party lists. Last year, President Kassym-Jomar Tokayev resigned from Amanat and announced that he would not interfere in party politics.

(Maria Gordeeva)


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