The restoration of the Crimean bridge will be delayed until November

Full traffic on both sides of the Crimean bridge will be restored by November 1, Deputy Prime Minister Marat Chusnullin said after meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

For now, only one lane will operate on the bridge, the extreme right lane of Taman-Kerch, and cars will be able to cross it in reverse mode – that is, in turn in each direction.

“We are tentatively planning to restore two-way traffic on one side by September 15. Movement to the other side – until November 1 of this year. The conditions will be determined after the preparation of design and cost documentation,” Khusnullin said.

The supports were not damaged, but one 600-tonne span was completely destroyed, so it will not be possible to rebuild the bridge as easily as after the first impact last October. admitted the deputy prime minister. “This technology doesn’t work here, – He is quoted by TASS. “Therefore, we will most likely build a temporary 250-meter bridge from which we will work and lift these spans with heavy cranes.”

Khusnullin was unable to determine the cost of the restoration work. “[Ущерб] have not yet been counted,” he informed Putin. “By tomorrow we will have an approximate cost to allocate funds.”

The Crimean bridge, which cost almost 300 billion rubles, was attacked by ground drones on the night of July 17. Two explosions under the car part of the bridge, Kommersant reported, were registered by the duty unit of the National Guard unit at 3:15.


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