The refinery in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, stopped oil refining due to overhaul

MOSCOW, July 24 (Reuters) – The Shymkent oil refinery in southern Kazakhstan switched to circulating facilities for the primary refining of crude oil and the hydrotreatment of diesel and aviation fuel late last week, the press service of the Ministry of Energy reported.

The agency explained that work is underway at the plant to connect the plate heat exchanger to the gasoline catalytic unit, and the refinery is expected to enter normal production on July 24.

As of July 3, the Chimkent refinery has put the plant on hold for unscheduled repairs due to a heat exchanger failure, and has no plans to produce AI-95 gasoline this month.

The total volume of oil refining at large refineries in Kazakhstan fell to 33,900 tons on July 23 from 37,000 tons on July 22 and 43,700 tons on July 21, according to the Oil and Gas Information and Analytical Center.

On July 23, Chimkent Oil Refinery stopped oil refining, jet fuel and diesel production, according to an industry source. Gasoline and jet fuel were not shipped.

Another large plant – Pavlodar – processed about 12,600 tons of oil on July 23, according to a source. The refinery plans to complete the renovation and achieve the planned production of petroleum products by the end of July.


The press service of Kazmunaigas (KMG), the main owner of large refineries in Kazakhstan, reported that AI-95 gasoline is planned to be imported for the domestic market.

“In July (imports) of AI-95 gasoline in the amount of 2 thousand. tonnes, in August the possibility of organizing the import of AI-95 in the amount of up to 15 thousand is being considered. tonnes,” KMG said in a written response to Reuters’ inquiry.

In addition, as noted by KMG, the Ministry of Energy approved the following scheduled preventive repairs at the Atyrau Refinery: Atmospheric Petroleum Refining and Vacuum Distillation of Fuel Oil (ELOU-AVT-3) from September 14 to October 3; electric desalination and atmospheric oil distillation units (ELOU AT) – from October 9 to November 2.

KMG explained that the possibility of postponing the start of repairs at the Atyrau Refinery to October 1, 2023 is being considered “due to the need to produce more diesel in September for the autumn field work.”

Stocks of A-92 gasoline in Kazakhstan as of July 24 amount to 207.6 thousand. tonnes (+46.1 thousand tonnes in transit); 30,100 tons of AI-95 (+7,800 tons), 352,200 tons of diesel (+39,300 tons), 64,100 tons of aviation fuel (+2,700 tons), Kazmunaigas said.


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